Random Rants

Do you ever feel like there’s a season where alot of people just spilt up and got together? It’s like there’s a need to reshuffle the people again. Recently heard of quite a handful of breakups and unions, from those close to me and just hi-bye friends.I’ve noticed the cycle for at least 2 years already. Suddenly people will be telling they have broken up or had found a partner or something. OI, you stupid cupid!! Why every year also left me unshuffled wannn?? It’s getting very bored for me to be alone everytime d…. Cilaka….

I just hate it when i tell someone something then he buat like malas wanna layan me but then took what I told him and tell other people like his idea. Very clever issit like that? So smart you think yourself la…no need to wait for me to give you the idea mar..cb… I dont really want to hate you, but why are you making yourself being hated so much???

Does 3 months of holiday seems very very long to you? Most reaction i will get is:

Me: Eh, im back for 3 months holiday d, when are you free to meet up?
X : 3 months ar? Why your holiday so long wannnn? So envy of you, bla bla, plenty of time to meet up la, u scared i’ll run away ar..bla bla bla

Fast forward 3 months, now it’s already the last 3 days of my 3 months holiday and guess what, those people that utter those words, tak nampak batang hidung also. Pilaaaa… That’s why i always say, dont take things for granted. Appreciate the time we have, must make full use of the time if not, huh, time flies man…

3 months holiday ada apa guna? People say must use this time to see your friends and family back in hometown. What if they dont have the time to see you? People say must use the time to do what you like, vacation. What if you dont have the money to fund your vacation, even if you have the money, you cant find a travelling partner? DAMN!!! i hate it~~ How hard is it to find a freaking travelling partner?? People tell me, “it’s you wor, how can you be boring in penang? How can you not find somebody? You know so many people” If everyone assume that I’m always busy going here and there, no one will bother to call me. Those that i called are simply too busy with their life to insert tiny me into it. Like they went for lunch that day without me, they forgot that i’m in penang… =.=||| HOW CAN???? I can get very angry being abandon by so-called friends. HMPHH!!! Ask you all to go for laksa for at least 5 times in the past 2 months, gave me plenty of excuses then what, when i went there with other people, HAHA! bumped into you people. grow up la…me…

Okla, now left 3 days only, u people happy? i go back kl d..going to bother you all no more . Get on with your own life .. How to make use of the last 3 days?? Most probably listening to those bastard teasin me on what they are going to do, eat, watch together AFTER i left penang. What’s this la? Trying to torture me ar. While i’m here, i kick you all also don wanna go out, once i left, you all going all out rally-ing on the streets to celebrate issit.. fuck man…die la

Whatever man…i dont really wanna give a flying fuck but then again, i’m being my confused being.

To round up the whole holiday, i worked, i had a vacation oversea, i crossed something from my wishlist, i pretty much see the peeps i wanna meet(not enuf!!) I had an annual gathering . I feel that i actually compressed my whole 3 months holiday into 1 week after last week, a hell of a hectic one.

yay yay… Going to watch Xmen III today!!! YAY!!!!

Very long post ya…doesnt really expected it to be that long. at least i got all the frust off my chest. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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7 Responses to Random Rants

  1. christalloh says:

    u know the game… It’s juz a phone call or sms away…

    but im only re-activating it after 4th of June 2006.

    Coz that’s when only *hopefully* finished with ALL my asgn….

    If really beh-ta-han… i might juz give u a buzz… can be too stress at times…

    Im on-call at 24/7…

  2. Jason says:

    oh-oh, my 3 months holiday might turn up like dat.

  3. Wan Yean says:

    “at least i got all the frust off my chest. Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    you mean, at least you got all the frust off your breast? hehehe =)

  4. Eve says:

    christal: dont understand what you talking about..dono what game. hehhe.call me anytime, u know we can use a joyride.

    jason: i dont think so.you going hongkong/maldives man..how can it be like mind

    wanyean: breast or chest also same la..to be more specific, why not ribcages?

  5. williamt says:

    i’m glad to read this blog…
    Jang, I am going for seafood~ wuahaha.
    evil William

  6. Wan Yean says:

    breast and chest not same lah. guys got chest but no breast (unless that guy is keat lim), but girls got both.

  7. Eve says:

    william: *pulls trigger and killself*

    wanyean: -_-||| guys got boobs also la..keatlim included. ahahha

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