Yay! Finally get to watch Ice Age 2 last night with couple of friends. Thanks guys! Very funny show. Planned to buy the dvd to rewatch it already. Batu ferringhi only RM4 (ahkor tat spend POUND, don jeles ok, haha) the squirrel that go nuts over the nutz really sesat sial wan… 0_o

Foooood~~~Glorious FOOD!!!

Anyway, apparently in 1 high school in Ohio has got 64 pregnant student at the same time. That’s out of 500 girls, which is 12.8% already k..One of them is just 17 and has 2 kids. I’m nearly 21 and i dont even have a boyfriend(would that be a good thing or…?)

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Do you know that there is a riot going on in India right now? That causes the branch of my company to close because those people are obstructing the traffic. In other words, i have a sudden increase in workload!! Reason behind ?? A superstar mati and the fans wants to see his dead body…wattt theee f……………..

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5 Responses to Random

  1. will.i.am.t says:

    ice age2 is really funny. i paid for 8.75dollars to watch it!! damn expensive

  2. Eve says:

    i paid RM6 onlieee!Sometimes spending Rm is much better than spending usd or pounds. haha

  3. angchoonseong says:

    i downloaded it ok!! ppl who spend pounds oso will spend it wisely…

    hehehehe..btw..ice age 2 damn funny..the mammoth couple..

  4. Eve says:

    i like the possums. The hand gestures,”im watching you” and ” Peace-out brothas” hahah..too cute. and also the sesat mia sloths

  5. Anonymous says:

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