RM30 <150KM

That’s how much it cost me.

Blardy hell.

I can clock up to about 350km per week on average with ease.

That’s just so blardy expensive.

By the way, I queued and got my subsidy today during lunch with LadyCow. In less than 24 hours, the RM625 was equally distributed. 70% went to car installment and the $50 to feed the car, and the rest? Concert ticket -_____-

In a long run, i dont see the subsidy will help us in any way at all.

“Change your lifestyle!!” – Urge from the orang atasan.

Sure, we will try to change our lifestyle as best as we could, not because we want to, is cos we have no other choice. but you will also have to help us because you are suppose to be. We pay for your expensive mansions, yacht and wheels remember?

The lump sum of money you receive monthly is not charity, its salary.

You will need to help us by improving the rubbish public transportation that we have so that we can secure our job by turning up for work. Why not improve the safety too because we will need to walk around more and leave the safety of our car as we could no longer afford to use them ?

But i forget that everything has become more expensive, and thus pushing the desperate to do what desperate people will do in order to survive this cruel world -> Crime.

You will need to help maintain the food price. Especially the staple food of Asians, Rice. The price for it had skyrocketed like nobody’s business and now I think we will all eventually have to grow our own and eat potatoes to survive.

Changing lifestyle will mean going out less, staying home more. Economy will slump as buying power slow down, inflation increase, everyone will be stingy like hell. Who will benefit at this?

Remember when you stay home, you will have to keep yourself entertained..via TV, astro, internet, computers, aircon and fans = electricity = tnb = price will increase in lieu.

This had been mentioned time over time and I’m getting so sick of it already but yet!! If you want to compare our lifestyle, please compare it dollar to dollar. Come on la, our living standard is freaking low yet living expense is sky high! Why not compare that instead of oil prices with non oil producing countries?

I believe in UK, with a steady income of 2.2k, you could live comfortably in a studio flat, drive a car(CHEAP) and eat out once in awhile, take a walk in a park, enjoy life, be young!

Over here, we are struggling to breathe. Walk in a park, hahahaha, kena rompak got la. Pay petrol to get there, pay illegal parking attendants that does nothing but stare threateningly at you. Actually we wont have the time to go also, as we will be working past working hrs.

Worse is when people tell me, hey, be grateful when u get a job that pays you 1.8. I say, you people are the ones that spoil the whole employing market. Accept so much lesser than what you know you are worth. And this is the kind of attitude we get throughout asia.


i say, no more friend. Enough. change la…Malaysians are no longer so naive and eat watever words you have on the media.

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