RoadTrip #30125

So i went back to Penang again this weekend for 2 purposes:
– attend MadamLadyCow 21st birthday party
– attend my sister, DivaLisa food tasting dinner.

Both also got “eat eat eat” as isi tersirat. haha. My day started with just again 2 hours of nap then off to KelanaJaya to meet william. This is the first time i took the lrt so early, as in during rush hour. Caught me by surprise that there’s sooooo many people there as early as 8am. OMG! I dont want to be in that crowd when i work, i will be damn stress if i had to fight for a spot with those people daily =.= After 40 minutes inside the lrt and 15minutes waiting by the road, i finally saw my driver and a nice surprise. HAHA. His cute housemate decide to tag along to penang with us!* rubbing hands with gleee* Thought of pigging throughout the 400km journey but end up chit chatting and buat lawak. haha… Guess what car is Mr.Driver driving? After 250km, i started to get bored as it’s kinda hot and the sun is simply glaring. The car had a sunroof, so it’s kinda warm also la. My sunnies looks loopy here..hehe i still like With the super driving skill and super smart car, we arrive safely in just less than 4 hours. Hungry Hungry!! Mr. Driver turns Mr. Butterworth took us to this famous koey teow th’ng place near Raja Uda. The place was kinda crowded la, i can’t read the chinese words of the shop but i know there’s a 7 in the strings of character.haha. I’m Banana republikan. We ordered the koey teow th’ng that cost only RM2.30!! KL-ians, cheap leh….. but in penang, tat’s considered expensive d.. I had the dry/kon lou one. Quite nice We also had this vege dish, only 2 bucks.. I dono what it taste like cos i’m carnivore so i dont eat leaf.
and this Chicken in soya sauce….only 2.50. HAHAHAHA not bad, but the ipoh lou wong one nicer. This is Mr.Housemate enjoying his first lunch in this trip.

You do the maths la, how cheap for us to have a decent and fulfilling meal in Penang.


After a while, we went over to Penang by ferry. All photos are with Mr.Housemate. We headed over to Nagore Rd for the indian laksa. Very famous one, always got into newspaper, tvb programmes, this that. Can speak multi-languages also. Nice? very small portion. Just abit special lo, that’s all. I still prefer the one opposite Peng Hwa.

Since Swatow Lane is so nearby, we went over to have the Ice Kacang to beat the heat. slurp slurp


This is only the first day. I will CERTAINLY! DEFINITELY! ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY! gain weight. i’m so damned.. wtf -.-|||

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9 Responses to RoadTrip #30125

  1. Jason says:

    yo, alwiz got yummy food to eat wan.

  2. Eve says:

    haha..tat’s y fat fat la.. -.-“

  3. Wan Yean says:

    oi dont la post up photos of food.. makes me wanna spend lotsa $$ later during dinner. and that ice kacang pic… noo!!! cant find it anywhere here in johor!!
    that was my stomach rumbling.

  4. Sunny Side Up says:

    Reading this post, I am already salivating!

  5. aL says:

    eh..dont eat at lou wong lar. there oni tourist pi makan wan. locals eat at the shop opposite it. oon kee ngar choi kai rocks! bwahahahahaha!

    damn! the ice kacang damn desirable. so hot! so sexy! i like..!!

  6. Eve says:

    All: YAY!!! Mission Accomplished! Everyone gets hungry just lookin at the photos. hahaha…thankiu

  7. christalloh says:

    doink… the indian laksa not along Nagore Road le. Itu Jalan Bawasah a.k.a. Bawasah Road. Cross junction with Nagore Road.
    Verified by me, born & lived along Nagore Road for more than 10 years.

    Thank You…

    lol… sorry cant join up for food that day, was watch TV at home… malas-ing…

    leaving for KL tmrw… i miss PENANG!!!!

  8. Eve says:

    Christal: i din say its at or along Nagore Road!

  9. Anonymous says:

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