Roomies 21st Birthday!

On the eve of my roommates, Sarah’s bigday, we decided to go visit Skybridge. But…

So we watch Over the Hedge since it’s movie day la. WHAT A WASTE OF 1.5 PRECIOUS Hours IN MY LIFE!!!! This is like the boring-est cartoon i’ve ever watch in my life. OMG! Please pay me back RM7 and 1.5 hours, you stupid money minded pixar!!

After lepaking around KLCC and my house, we decide to go makan at some place our landlord recommended in ss2 at 10pm. Yes, that’s our dinner time. Damn tak normal =_= Apalagi, we reach the place at 1145pm after nearly going towards Ipoh and someother terpencil places when we can get there within 20minutes. We had a bad guide, what can i say.

Hungry as wolf, we almost ordered every single thing on the menu as when we rest our butts on the soft sofas, it’s already the last call for the night.

The first order that came was what i ordered
Followed by the “chiew pai choy” or signature dishes…
The siew long pau is so damn delicious wei!! The soup burst in my mouth, so high! At least, this pau really does have soup, unlike others places that i went, all cheat people..chiewww.. and the avogado thingie is damn delicious!! All the food damn nice, and if i had to compare it with kei tak sek, i will prefer this place as it’s cheaper and yummier~! and the enviroment is not as hot as kts.

I told you we nearly ordered the whole menu…hahahaha and after gobbling down all the food…

We left the places last, i think the workers must have hated us for making them stay late..sorry lar…Rushed home for Sarah’s tiny surprise party

and that’s a Wrap for the night!!

*come back soon for my entry on KLIMS =)

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2 Responses to Roomies 21st Birthday!

  1. cK says:

    aiyo…1 more month b4 i can taste all these goodies….btw how come the koay kak looks like chicken wings one?

  2. Eve says:

    ck: the kl koay kak different. It’s not square in shapes, but it taste like koaykak except it’s more chewy..

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