Sayonara Member-Member Penang

Last wednesday was the last meeting for me as a member to the club in Penang. At first the attendance was quite disappointing but the turn out by the end of the night.. i couldn’t be more happy by it 🙂

It has been so so long since my dear Pling come out to play. This is the first and last time in year 2007, i shall gather in the place of all sins with her. hahaha…. As usual, her “shakira” self was out once the musics starts pumping in the smoky air.

There’s 1 event held every Ladies Night which is the Sexy Dance Competition. Well, any volunteer from the floor can participate and usually the “volunteers” are pretty chio ones. But i do not know why, on that night all also tak boleh pergi at all. Watching them slut themselves merely over RM500 was so degrading to the rest of the women. Come on la, it’s just RM500, you do not need to go to the extreme by taking of your tops and splash water all over yourself. At first it’s suppose to be sexy, but to me it’s not even amusing, it’s disgusting.

Worse, is to think and act like you very pandai like that exposing your cheap A- cup bra to the rest of the world. Damn sickeng now…Adoi

Let’s get on with happy photos that we took the other night. Too many so i just collage it together lar.. If you notice, there’s some miang guy that want to be part of the photo everytime =.=

This is what we call friends. Allow us to memperbodohkan sama sendiri -__- Drink up!! Bottoms up!!!
CheeBoo and me attempted to make our face look slim enough for the camera.. heheh
and of course my dearies that went that night. Will never forget the times we gila at the club no matter how best the future clubs i will visit. Sometimes no matter how great the place maybe but you will still be lonely when you are with the wrong crowd.

To Me, you guys are the best crowd to have when it comes to clubbings 🙂

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  1. Wan Yean says:

    she actually meant sexy guy. pardon her BM’s limitations.

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