Scotland Day 2 – Isle of Skye

Er, i think i better finished off blogging about Scotland and Liverpool before it became too backlog like Melaka 06.

Somemore Ang seems to have blogged everything about London and blog till so outstanding, meaningless i blog now..hahahah


The second day on Scotland, was mostly spend on Isle of Skye. The place that most people would say is the essence of scotland. The most beautiful part of it. Awesome view, breathtaking scenery, majestic mountain range – The Cuilin.

I couldn’t agree more.

Skye is a small island with amazing mountains panoramas peppered with plenty of Loch (lake in Gaelic) and fishing villages and farms.

The place we stay at Kyle of Kyleakin, is a backpackers inn and i was surprise how clean and comfortable the place is. I always have an impression that backpackers place will be dingy and dirty. I was so wrong. And the first night, the moment my head hit the pillow, i immediately died till the next morning.

The blue caravan that some of us slept in, the room, the kitchen and living room. Some travel advise for those backpackers is to bring extension cord, as normally the electric plug is shared with everyone and limited. and Tripod is ur best-camwhoring-friend.

Early next morning, we set off to explore the Isle!! Behind us is Skye Bridge. Unfortunately for us, it rained the entire day. And it was so freezing cold! So cold so cold. Never been that cold my entire life

On the way to find Kilt Rock Waterfall, the most amazing scenery of all time, we saw alot of blur sheeps and furry cows. Hohoho. so bodoh looking each one. They were all marked with some color on their back. Then…

Me: Eh, you see that one red color one..
Hup: Ya, bulleyes to shoot it and bbq …

Me: ………………….

Someone: Nolah…datang period, forgot to clean
Me: -_________________-

Finally we got to Kilt Rock Waterfall. In chinese its called UK 天涯. So hard to find ok. But damn worth it. Was so reluctant to get down from the car because of the rain and wind and cold. Freeeezing. But see the beauty of it…

No photographs can do justice for the beauty of that place. We took photos until we couldn’t stand the cold any longer. hahah…

Umbrellas and rain jacket doesn’t help at all and many brollies died along the road trip. That WX, guy in green buat macho not scared of cold only. hahah..

A short video to show u HOW STRONG the damn wind was! click yah..

Finally me.

After that we stop by Portree, the main town of Skye where people can just park their dog and go shopping. I found this jack Russell pup, whimpering all the time trying to look for its owner.

Off to Urquhart Castle after Skye. I snack so much on the trip that a friend ask me if my hobby are sleeping and eating =.=
The Castle and Loch Ness!!! You’ll wouldn’t believe that i was very obsessed with the myth when i was much younger. I read up alot about it and it was one of my dream to actually go see the lake. Still couldn’t believe i actually did went and see for myself the lake. Dream came true! :)))

At the Loch Ness information center. With a fake nessie obviously

and William Wallace. Apparently out of the 14 of us, only I know who is William Wallace. I was a a freak at watching Braveheart. Favorite all time movie. Funny thing is that, all Braveheart portrait and souvenirs share a striking resemblance to Mel Gibson. ahaHahaha

After that we continue on our journey up north towards Innverness for dinner and Lossiemouth to sleep in the car.

The time where we wash up in Tesco’s washroom will always be remembered. 🙂

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