Scotland Final Day.

Last day was at Glasgow. We had a very short day here as we need to hit the motorways by noon or else we wouldn’t make it on time to return the cars. Soo Sad!

This is St.George Square if not mistaken. Very nice and very cold as well.

Our leftover food supply after 4 days. Imagine the amount we brought along before this 🙂

The steel peacock at Glasgow highstreet. It’s like shopping heaven here..muahaha..that’s before i went to Cheshire Oak.

In the carpark, bidding farewell ady.

The giants and the our small fish. Hahah..

They say he looks like WuChun…

ah Hup..this sarcastic and funny fella that makes us all laugh so hard. Miss him so much af
ter we all went back to sheffield.

My coursemates that cooked dinner for us when we reached Sheffield. So nice of them, miss them so much T____________T

That ends my Scotland Road tRip.


Next …Liverpool, Merdeka, London and Spain & Portugal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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