.: Selamat HariJadi :.

5 days had past since my birthday!

It was one bittersweet event for me. That’s for sure. Last 2 year, it was nearly a week of celebration. The following one was a stark contrast as I was all alone in Blyton, UK. Plus, as the clock striked 0:00 on the 15th, i was in the hospital =.=

So  i was finally in Penang for my birthday after a 4-5 years absence, gosh i can’t even remember myself. This year, it falls on a weekend. With all that adding up, i had to admit i have high hopes for a fabulous friends get-together this year as it was such a lonely yet “finding-yourself” one last year.

1 fine weekday i started to ask a close friend whether he is free to come hang out on Saturday night. The reply is a very very hurtful by Jsheng and I was flabbergasted beyond words. I know I couldn’t go on and ask another friend and got turned down yet again so i dispatch Ynnek to do the job.

Thursday was one whirlwind of emotion. I was going haywire with Airasia booking flights here and there ending up being hugely disappointed when i couldn’t get even 1 destinantion. Not even 1 !! After dinner, I was already extremely moody and when Ynnek told me 2 of my bestest friend is ‘thinking about it’ on whether to come on Saturday, THAT was my limit. I am not sure why I did not question their suspicious answer, I guess I just had enough disappointment for 1 day and just don’t care anymore. THAT was also when my damn dam broke.

On Friday itself, we (my colleagues) often complain that we don’t have anymore life, so Kimmie suggest that we should go hang out! I agreed, obviously since I dont have plans at all. SO unlike me!

Soi 11 it is. And I had my first beer tower in Penang. and also encountered the weirdest waitress ever =.=

The people that went. Fredy, Sarah, Kimmie and Kurt.

My first surprise was the cake which we had a hard time keeping the candles lited. The funny thing of the photo as wanster commented…People are blocking the winds so hard while you are wishing there… yala yala swt

Thanks everyone! Me and the cake..plus light bulb

Move on the next pub. Then had another gift. Downing a flaming seems like obligatory thing to do once you go climb the digit in age.

Good thing i have a balance alcohol tolerances…HAHAHAHAHA Good thing TeongLi or Erhuat not around. Or else i bet i would be dead. So dead. 🙂

Past 12 and the countdown to next year Nov 15th starts all over againnn…

On the actual day, I had NO motivation to dress up or go anywhere albeit ynnek was at my house kinda early and urging me to change change change! I’m bring you out! =.=

We had a table at the restaurant for 2. And when we arrive the waitress kinda screw up alil for ynnek, anyhoo we were led to our small corner table and while i was deep in my thoughts on what to order, Pwah suddenly pop up behind my seat…followed by Pling..and Hin.. =.=

HAHAHA I knew it! was a surprise..okokla..not very surprise cos i kinda saw the reservation book when we walked in *hng!*

Then we were moved to private room which was too big for the party of 5 so I suspected something again. Pling helped alot here by saying It’s okie, more ppl coming!”

HAHAHHAA...2nd pecah tembelang of the night..

Then halfway eating the lights dimmed and the cake was brought in no other than Jsheng!!! I was about to cry but being the vain me i kept thinking “mascara, eyeliner, mascara, eyeliner” to stop me from crying -______-

The best surprise, the one i am really surprise was when Christal walked into the room. I wasn’t expecting for her to drive all the way back from KL for the dinner.

Ynnek has been really sneaky behind my back!! He got whoever he can get his hands on to come for dinner! The rare photo combo you dont get to see everyday! OWP and Christal. God know when is the last time they took any photos together! 🙂  🙂

Then Pling innocently asked me “So you guys going to Sunset later?” where I nonchalantly turn towards Ynnek “ARe we?”

HAHAHAHA Ynnek expression was priceless. 3rd pecah tembelang!

No matter how successful or not successful you might think the “surprise” was, it WAS a success as I was crying my eyes out earlier. That already show I walked into the trap willingly.

Thank you all for putting in the effort again. You guys know how i “LOVE” surprises and well played by making use of my weakness which are, well, your very own self my dear friends 😀 Thanks to the one that planned all that as well and I know how hard it was watching me cry YET you can’t say anything.In the end, it turns out that Friday night was part of the plan as well.

Nothing more that I can say except watch out when its nearing your birthday as remember, I AM a scorpio…hahahahahhaha

Just Kidding..i love you guys~ and oh, to the guy that send me birthday card every single year since i know you. I know, old school style since we have generation gap..hehehehe

Till next year ..

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4 Responses to .: Selamat HariJadi :.

  1. ah loon says:

    i’m shock….. period!

  2. wendy says:

    why pecah tembelang so many times ehh?? kenny fail la..hahaha

  3. u’re welcome…

    self happy cause I’m the “surprise”..
    i sendiri also tak percaya lah…

    it was a nicely planned birthday surprise k,
    sudah aku miss meeting people from Penang.. and our Hokkien dialect..
    listen to those hokkien speaking it’s just a pleasure..
    i miss Penang & the Penangites too !!! lots.. 😉

    i think i last snap a pic with weiPeng was during CC… hahahaha….

    that’s seems like centuries ago…

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