Shopalholic Iz ME~!

My new passion!!!!

Although abit expensive one(film cost a bomb), I am still very happy with my decision! should have bought it long time ago when I was still in UK where it’s cheaper and more variety. I got MasterLong to buy it for me while he’s in Hong Kong last week. will blog more about it soon.. still


I think last week, redo my hair color. The coloring has been hideous as the last time I had anything done to it was like February!! So as you know lah, all these maintainence cost a bomb, sad to say, so I shall not disclose the cost T____T

Then went walking around QB bermuda triangle (the area near Mango & F21), cis, terperangkap by mango T__T apala..why la… okie nvm.. Since i shop like once in a blue moon, i take is as a excuse treat.

esprit has this very nice dress that I cannot afford but can take photo in dressing room. Anyone wanna sponsor ah? My birthday not very far away : Reminder :p The amount? Close to RM300.. 🙁

So i thought aiyah, nvm, I dont need so much clothes that i have no where to wear too. Be good!

But good girl gone bad..sad to say again. I terburu-buru again today during lunch time while surfing the usual sites. I was just only showing my colleague the shop blogs and subconsciously emailed and confirmed the purchase.

Thank you for listening to me rant again. Been abit sick recently with whats in the news. I cannot believe that such stupid person still exist in the world. at our time.

Such a rare species. Cantonese = KEK PAN!!!!

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7 Responses to Shopalholic Iz ME~!

  1. Mat Ganas says:

    Walao, in Msia also can order clothes online ??

    Eve: Is that you -darling huhu- ? hahaha Malaysia not as ulu as you think

  2. d e s says:

    Wah… Instax Mini by FujiFilm! Super cute and super handy… spare some film when I return to Pg ya!!!

  3. amelia says:

    wah i oso have one of this! (he instax mini) pink color oso! ^o^
    got blog about it oso some time ago. lol 😛

  4. ting says:

    why suddenly a polaroid? and shopping???!! i WANT also…. sobssss

  5. ting says:

    oh.. i forgot…u dyed a darker color? where did u do it? san ritz? its nice though..and the dress is nice also..hahahah

  6. Kenny Ng says:

    Change new domain dy? Aiyooo… so long never dropped by liao… paiseh

  7. Mr Huhu says:

    no ling-ling, dis is my 1st comment for this post.

    RM300 for a dress?? better go eat la..

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