simple life

Life used to be so simple

When apple and blackberries are yummy and edible, not to mention cheap
Now, they have become nemesis

When the hardest task I had to complete is reading B-A ba~ C-A- ca ~ BACA!
Now my task daily gets tougher by the day, I’m a better juggler than tigerwoods

When going to someplace daily, means meeting your friends, chatting up, helping and learning from each other
Now, I think twice before talking, think thrice before swearing at someone not knowing when they’ll avenge for it, steering clear of someone

One thing made simpler (if there such words) in life for me now
When I feel like blogging, I search for d nearest switched on laptop wjhere most of the time when one is infront of me, I had already lost my trains of thoughts

Now, I can blog anywhere, anytime with my trusty bobbi…..

This post is the first post blogged via my bb 😀

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