Smashing the piggy bank

Guessed all my piggy banks are pretty much smashed for August bills. How I raked up such amount amazed me o_o

My little milo tin car which never had any major service before under care, finally went for it maintainence which cost me rm700+  

** 26th Aug, just few hours after ranting about the above, this morning an ice cream truck bang into the back of my car on the way to work. Is this karma ? It’s so badluck of me this month.

Considering the big hole in my wallet, while having dinner with some friends last night, my tooth filling fell out again! Remember how i rant about it here and here ? :angry:

So embarrassing actually because among the friends, 2 are actually dentist~ and i’m suddenly their topic of discussion? o_o

Quickly made an appointment to fix it at Dr. Yap as soon as I can. I kept the inlay so i can bring it back to the clinic and when I showed it to Dr.Yap, he told me he dont need it -_- He had stop doing inlay ever since he was a student and nowadays no one does it anymore. Doc even joked people have these kinda inlay made in gold ha ha ha [ -_- ]

I was like HUH?? :angry: I blardy paid rm200+ for it as it was “needed to be done”.  Adding salt to the wound, doc say just sticking the inlay back will definitely not fit anymore and confirm will fall out easily. Knowing this problem will happen, the people at phoon just stuck it back for me and send me off with a heavy bill. Hey, so I was not cheated once, but twice ? and had to pay to be made a fool ?

Either Phoon Dental in Penang really lack of updating themselves with the current dental trend and still stuck in their old eras or they just do whatever that can ensure they always have returning customers. I will never ever recommend anyone to Phoon Dental.

I fixed the stupid tooth today and it just cost me RM70. The color even look more natural, not like the stupid greyish inlay i paid RM200 for. Now i can eat in peace!

In a nutshell, I’m so gonna end my August in super huge deficit.

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4 Responses to Smashing the piggy bank

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    wah twice came out? mine 10 yrs never come out one

  2. daphne` says:

    Nvm, now that all the bad stuff has come and gone more good things will be heading your way.

    Eve: hope so .. thanks dear 🙂

  3. +k.loon says:

    u went to phoon also ah… my family dentist lai… sipeh expensive… long time never visit there d… is he all bald out now?

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