It finally snowed yesterday!! I’ve been waiting for it to snow since end of december.

Anyway, the snow in my place was miserable light and no thanks to me waking up late when most of it has melted away as shown above T___T

I damn sua-ku(sampat) ok. When i woke up around 12ish, i saw some white stuff floating outside my window and then i notice my neighbors roof are all white!! Then i quickly pull on my coat and half running, half skipping out, singing Lalalalala …hoho…

My first snow!!!! Its like….people kept throwing ice shavings at you. Because of the strong wind, it’s like throwing ice shavings at your face. and i think the angmoh don’t really like it because they were using umbrellas and wearing hoodie looking gloomy…

Why the long face people? It’s snowing… Weeee!! Even it’s a sissy 2cm snow compared to Edinburgh mighty 20cm thick ones. Hahaha

Coming up next, Boxing Day post!! What did i do? Did i shop till my arms dropped off? kekeke..

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6 Responses to Snow!!!

  1. Benjamin says:

    u shout at the angmoh, “HEY IZ SNOWING! SMILE BIATCH!!”

  2. Eve says:

    i dont wanna kena hentam..most biatch here is 10x my size

  3. angchoonseong says:

    ei..edin dun have 20cm la..and the biatch here used to be 10x ur size..but now maybe 5x


  4. ihsan_huhu says:

    last week: 43 C

    bogel2 pon xsejuk

  5. CY says:

    LOL, imagining Eve’s suaku stunt… Lalalala xD

  6. Eve says:

    acs: still fatter than me

    ihsan: tak percaya. try and then blog bout it with photos ok?

    cy: happy tree friends

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