So Hows Your Christmas?

*edit* Connection so slow like turtle!! News say it need 3 weeks to repair the connection! Soon you will see casualties of the earthquake from Malaysia. Those heavy gamers and internet junkie like me throwing ourselves out of the window T______________T

Hi, It’s been a while since i blog. Me miss blogging. Or else i wouldn’t have blog even for that 1 liner in the middle of the night. But then again, since when i blog during the day =P

So hows your christmas? Was it christmassy like how it was suppose to be? Family and friends having dinner, with a long spread of good home cooked food, some wine/champagne plus some christmas carol playing on the loop for the whole nite. Best if there’s mistletoe and people actually follow the mistletoe rules ( I would want tony leung under it, wish reeaaal hard)

I would love to have a christmas like that, one day, some day before i die. But i spend mine this year clubbing the night away, just the rest of the 30 days in a year.

Anyway Christmas Eve night started with me being realllly pissed off.

” You better keep your mouth shut when you see them, or else i scared you will scold the hell out of them” – Summer

We headed over to Glo as most places was full and only the Des can get us a table in Glo. Muaks Muaks. Momo(the new club) has line long enough to go around Georgetown. I also found my dear brother sober and dancing outside the club with a huge Santa crown on his head. lolx

Honestly, the countdown in the club kinda suck. The atmosphere and ambience was simply not there at all. Worst, almost everyone in the club was just standing and staring at other people. I can clearly see because of the good spot Des got us(muaks again) I mean, come one la, if you really want to stand and stare go somewhere else, not a club where most people are there so dance ok?AND then the countdown started out of no where, the people there aren’t even hype up for it. The song they played for the countdown was FINAL Countdown. How creative*yawn* AND instead of some merry, jolly Christmas Song, they played

Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day, you gave it away’

I’m like “wtf” immediately!

Anyway, you can have the utmost time of your life anywhere if you were with the right group of people. Luckily, I was =)

We sapu manyak liquor that night, the most i can recall when clubbin with this group of people.Hmm, not bad ya. BECAUSE OF THAT, most of the photos you’ll see me trying to spread some love >_> Ooo, i so remember being tipsy and talking nonstop on the way to mamak. I bumped into Sarah when i was on the way out to get Kelvin. She say I was looking at the sky most of the time when i was talking to her and gripping at the chair -_-|| Really got that bad meeeeeh?? LADYCOW, not that bad right???!!!

See i sayang you so much, must side me ya!!!!!111 …

What’s the best part of Christmas??

I find this photo the cutest!!!!! Because both of us had the same pose! Without knowing till the next day!! wArao! Camwhores kau kau =PPresents exchanging!! HOOOO!!!

Sober and all, we headed over to Raffee mamak were me and speng bumped into our secondary schools juniors and seniors. Me and teongli got the biggest presents of all.
The Most Useful Present ever!! My box contains all sort of junk food, rhymes nicely with my name hehe(internal joke) and then Teongli got all instant noodles, supplies during exam season. Hebat!
Most Priceless Pressie is no other than the love pillow that Summer handmade & handstitched for us. When i saw it, i was like OMIGOD~ I wouldn’t have that much of patience to do such stuff. Thanks ALOT~~ L-O-V-E IT so much!! Perfecto is the stitches. You surely inherited your mom skils in being a Stepford Wife d. Now every night i sleep with it, my air liur meleleh on to it. That’s how much i love it. HEHeheehehe
Got home at 5+am and i mati on my bed till 1030am to go balik KL, on the way, stopby Ipoh for the chicken rice. So MANY PPL!! Wait also >30mins =_=

We saw manyak photos with celebrities visiting that shop like Nicholas Tse, Eason, Landy, Fish Leong, LMF, Penny Tai dan manyak lagi. So if we eat what they eat, does that make us same status like them? Woohoo, I’m a star!!! = DHere’s all the stuff i got this christmas. Even DivaLisa got me something =)

Thank you again for the wonderful 3 days i had in Penang. So worth the many sleepless night rushing assignments to go back.The curi masuk other people cinema time. The kebaya-making. The Queensbay trip with Milkyway. The Man Utd kick butt match. The Christmas Eve. The Presents and most importantly, your presence and thoughts. Like what Des said, you people made me realize the value of friendships are not weight by how expensive things are, but the effort and thoughts put in it. =)

12 Days of Christmas, 8 days left.

3 Days left to a whole new year. What lies ahead of me?

For now it would definately be the ASSIGNMENTS if i have the time, i will put up another post before 31st Dec…… then 400km Journey back home for DivaLisa’s Wedding! Finally!!

The Wedding is here!!

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4 Responses to So Hows Your Christmas?

  1. angchoonseong says:

    where is my present…?

    teongli got all mi segera…wahahhaa..lemma lawakla u guys.

  2. Eve says:

    kokocrunch, present sudah send. ask ur postman la. The mi segera is from Des, mine speng

  3. She's Jess says:

    the pillow is cute!!

    she crossed stitch it is it? on those cross stitch material clothe?

  4. Summer says:

    she’s jess: thanks 4 da compliment. tat pillow i made 4 eve, its from da normal cloth.not da cross stitch material cloth. yeah, i cross stitched it. *eve-sorry 4 being kay poh chi help u reply her,ya*

    eve: i’m so happy tat u like tat pillow. its very happy 2 know tat ppl actually like it tat much. so touch. i put all my love n care into it wan,k. altho i’m happy 2 give it u 2 but i still care 4 tat pillow. so dun ‘lau’ 2 much ‘nuah’ on disgusting!!!*i saw some stain on it d, issit ur ‘nuah’.aiyer!!!* last i know my effort is not wasted.luv u so much, my dear. *i’m not les or i shall say we r not les* ;)hope 2 c u again whn u r bak 4 ur sis wedding.

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