Today I took a “break” from work. I decided to go back to Penang for a slightly longer weekend this time after being so hectic with work. 

Many assumed I’m taking a flight home and was surprised when i replied “I’m taking the bus”. Perhaps at this age of time where everyone can fly and time = money, it took them by surprise why did I chose the long way home. We expect everything to be fast, quick and instant. 

Well, why not? 

By taking the bus, it gave me the solitude that I needed. It forced me to take a breather or a nap along the way haha. Just doing very minimal for a few hours. “Can’t you do the same at home?” I don’t think so, as there’s too much going on, too many distractions. Laundry, Internet, TV, and ultimately the car to go somewhere haha. 

Being on the bus takes me away from the “busy-ness in life” which is why it’s my favorite reading time. I miss reading and simply seems to fail doing it at home. Being on the bus gave me the few quiet hours to read whatever I want. 

And with whatever time I have left, here I am blogging my random train of thoughts 🙂 

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