SP: Home Karaoke Machine Guide

You know, in Penang, when it comes to karaoke, everyone will say redbox redbox..alllthough personally, I would NOT go there if given another option. Cos we have be on the waiting list to get a room most of time, have to sabar and stand the sometimes rude service that we were given. What’s more with the haunted room?? It’s all about the experience of singing karaoke.

So why don’t you bring the whole experience back home? Into your comfort zone, where you can sing whenever you want, drink whatever you want with no extra cost and not being scared shit bout having another extra “person” in the room with you.

It’s now possible with Home Karaoke Machine Guide!! Click Click Click away to a better karaoke experience at ur own home… heheheeheehheh

okeey..i sound damn salesppl here..soly….
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