SP: PPP Love

PPP Love. I’m supposed to blog about why I love PPP.

Isn’t it obvious enough? Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I get to blog which is something I love to you even though sometimes the topics aren’t that relevant but still I try to choose those that are relevant to me so that I can talk more bout it.

I spend A LOT. So I need all the extra money i can get! The easy way is by signing up with payperpost which coincidently I discovered when I was bloghopping. Oh, btw, the payment is all in USD. So the rates now with RM is like 3 times. And if your post gets approve, the average payment is USD5. You do the math ya =)

In a nutshell, I get paid just by blogging. Isn’t that cool? Plus, the process and requirement are not lengthy and complicated. EVEN a computer illiterate girl like me can handle it, what more can I say bout most of you people out there?The purpose of this is for blog marketing

So join ppp now and we can go shopping together. Meantime still sg wang, soon KLCC babeh =P If you could do me a favour, just add in my email kinkydoll@gmail.com as REFERER. Million Thanks.

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