Spring 봄봄봄


Botanical Garden, Penang

Somehow, this year the mood for spring can be felt everywhere. What I mean is that, usually over here, people will keep going on and on about the sakura in Japan. But this year, it felt closer to home. There seems to be a lot of sakura-lookalike flowers blooming all over Penang, some parts of KL and I read, Singapore as well. Looking at all the random pretty pink flowers sprinkle here and there, it just automatically spring (pun intended) a smile on me while driving around.

While I was in Korea last month, we knew it was just too early to see any cherry blossom. However, lucky us, we manage to see some.  I was talking to one of my friends there on how beautiful they are and also how the Japanese love their hanami. Then she shared with me that, during the olden days, when the local decided to end their life, they do it beneath a sakura tree because they wanted to end their journey here on/with a beautiful thing. Hence, when the flower bloom, the family will picnic and all while reminiscing their love ones while making small offerings to the trees because we don’t know which one is a “spiritual” one.

Wouldn’t you now say a sakura tree is hauntingly beautiful?

Eerie isn’t it? I know she wouldn’t bullshit me as she has stayed in Japan and all that. Come to think of it, Hanami season also coincides with the Chinese Tomb-sweeping(Cheng Beng) tradition that shares the same foundation. Maybe nowadays its more about gathering with families and friends since cheng beng time most people will be back to their own home town. But anyhow, seems like it’s a way of nature telling us, it’s time to move on, life is nothing but a big cycle everyone have to go through. What may seem dead in winter, now is full of life and hope for the times ahead.

How did I wind up sounding so serious and moody ? -_-   I just wanted to share the little story my friend told me and also feel that to enjoy the beauty in spring (or anything), one need not travel to anywhere specifically. It’s all in-front of us, if only we want to see it.  I shall end this post with a korean song that I quite like titled –Spring, Spring, Spring 🙂

Photos of sakura when I was in Tokyo here and at Yoyogi Park. Also sakura during night time at Tokyo Tower

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