Student suffers in silences

This is what i get when i express my displeasure with one of my TARC friends on MSN tonight.

i really dislike our college management
<=Terry Ng=> said:
i feel so…
<=Terry Ng=> says:
the biz office stuff very rude..
<=Terry Ng=> says:
i mean some…
<=Terry Ng=> says:
<=Terry Ng=> says:
but no choice~ as a student, cannot do anythings…

Everyone are in the same boat, but because of the upbringing that thou shalt respects elders, we do not speak up, do not dare to fight for the right, our rights..the type that we paid for.

It’s always like that..from the time i was studying in advanced diploma, filling up the evaluation forms, and when the lecturer saw one my coursemate ticking “POOR” for one of the column, he act defensive towards himself and demand my coursemate to do another evaluation form. Can we still call that fair evaluation from a students view, or a lecturer’s will ?

Recently a person was denied entry for the resit paper because the coursemate forgots to pay the resit fee on behalf of her. After the coursemate settled and confirm everything, they waited for the day for resit to come, but 2 weeks before the DAY, the coursemate told this person he actually forgots to pay the fee for this person.

As you might have guessed, that person who was denied to resit for the paper is me. I tried to appeal and called the college office several times, and i get is being bounced from 1 department to the next. Few days have gone, the DAY is drawing closer and hopes has been given up. All i need is a examination slip and all the office can do is print. But they refused. Do you know how much i would have lost(not counting emotionally and mentally) if i couldn’t sit for this paper?

From last monday till today late afternoon, that’s how long they took to attend to my appeal. This saturday is my resit day. And the program supervisor called me to just convey a message saying that this particular person from examination board will like to see me personally on Thursday before she can give me the verdict on Friday. I request for that person’s number but as usual, i was told ” There’s no use for you to speak to her, she wants to see you”

Does it make any difference that i speak to her when i’m physically there or when i’m just 400km away? She still can hear me alright and give me the answer. What if i’m in Sabah instead? Do i need to go all the way to KL and then i might even be denied entry to examination hall.

When i explain it was too last minute for me to apply for leave and rush down to KL, the supervisor told me ” Well, that’s up to you then, your job or your exam is more important to you” Fine..So i have to go KL because this person like to see me very much! They always have their way.

I know i might even fail during this resit but at least i try. Now i am being stripped the right of even trying. This is coming from a education institution that have the philosphy stating that

The College FIRMLY BELIEVES that education to whomsoever it is given, regardless of age, sex, race, creed or class, will bring benefits to the people and country.

This is not the first time TAR have hiccups in time management. I dare say every year, when we have transitions for students from others states pursueing higher education in KL, we are always in a huge rush. Last year, results was release 1 week before the new intake starts. That leaves new student 1 week to relocate i.e. looking for rooms in a totally new place, settling down.
For advanced students that have resits, normally we will get to know if we get to continue our studies in UK in less than 1 month. How can that be? Last year there’s some misunderstanding between the college and the uni. Resulting in some student not being able to proceed with their studies and suffering the cost of airfares and such. Most students choose TAR because it’s affordable and they canot afford to suffer any losses..You canot imagine how thrifty these students can be just for the means of continueing their studies. Go next year! was the only thing they can think off..

I’ll be leaving tomorrow and will update my blog once i get my verdict. Green light or red light.

I rest my case..

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6 Responses to Student suffers in silences

  1. geneoga says:

    I wish u best of luck and add that TARC and UTAR sucks bad time. It’s the poor management which is unbendable that sucks worst.
    They treat you like a criminal even before they know what the hell is going on. They have no common sense and they claim to be smart. This is where higher institution in Bolehland fails. TARC and UTAR will end up like any of the local uni with low ranking. Disappointment in progress…

  2. Coketai says:

    What a shame! I don;t know good thing when stay long will turn bad. I have been TARCIAN for over 20 years and during our time…I am very proud of being TARCIAN, I am still do but hearing your story make me shame on the management….TARC is set up to uphold the opportunity for the unaffortable to have the right to have good education but now it have grown so big that they no longer remember the committment that they have pledged to the society….No human error can be the obstacle of good education…cannot be the factor to turn the opportunity for one to have good education, otherwise it lost the purpose of higher education.

    I hope somebody responsible there can hear your problem…We can’t let a small group of cracy power people to keep on using red tape to deprive ppl for good education.

    Stay strong!!!

  3. CY says:

    Hope you get the green light.

    If you get a red light, you can write to The Star.

  4. fishtail says:

    Hope things turn out well for you. Green light. It really sucks when one encounters situations like yours 🙁

  5. aL says:

    yalar. cb. how come ah… all KTAR and UTAR staff so rude wan. talk without using their brains…

    i think dats the requirement to work in these 2 places lah.


  6. mrbherng says:

    I used to be from TARC, Setapak too. I once frightened the clerk in the bursary because of her appalling attitude. I ask her for her name and then asking her where’s the suggestion box.

    We dislike some lecturer then too, what we did was we voted with our feet. Non of us when for his class =P

    Seriously, we will need to speak up even if that person is elderly or just a kid.

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