Sudah Tak Boleh Tahan!!

If i read another more paragraph in BM, i’m so gonna puke on my books.

Hi people, i’m going to sit for my first paper in less than 8hours, and here i am, Blogging!! damn it. It’s 4am now. I wonder how panda i will be tomorrow. No surprise there since most of the people i know have been calling me princess panda since, like, forever -_-”

Some even say, you sleep at 8am or 8pm also canot cure your panda face already. It’s your trademark >_>

Anyway, i’ll take it as a compliment because i think panda is cute.



Do you know that taking 2 packets of caffeine at once can make you go so high? Like me right now? Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Alright people, enough of annonyance from me. Going hysterical right now with all the moral terms. Try remember teori teleologikal and teori deontologikal AND differentiate them with plenty plenty of sub teori under each of them. wtf.

will be back soon with more decent blogging, but then again, when did i ever start to blog decently?? ngek ngek

PS: MR WY, here’s your update… =.=

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6 Responses to Sudah Tak Boleh Tahan!!

  1. CY says:

    Yeah I agree pandas are cute! 🙂

  2. christalloh says:

    long time no see… atlast Pricess Panda is back out looking for bamboos…

    all the best… but y in BM? u taking MORAL???

  3. CY says:

    Hey hey, got new name for your blog:



  4. Eve says:

    christal, CY: why suddenly you people are like rallying for a new name for me.. o_O

    christal: yaya…moreal is in bm mar

  5. aL says:

    stewpid moral sucks. the more i read the dumber i’ll be…

  6. Eve says:

    al: YEA!

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