Sushi Daiwa @ Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the top places I would want to visit in Tokyo after watching countless documentary about it on TV. But the fact that it is located at the opposite side of where I was staying in Tokyo, and one have to be there by 5am to gain entrance for the world famous fish auction, I sorta gave up for the sake of my wallet.. Taxi fees are exorbitant in Tokyo.

So during one of the weekends, my kind friend offered to bring me out for the day, and asked if I would like to have fresh sushi, I was so excited to find out he planned to bring me to the fish market. Crazy of me, to be excited to go to a fish market!

Cleanest and NON smelly market I’ve ever been to, ever! This is just a short walk towards the main zone with all the quaint shops.

Cheap and Fresh Ebiko

Along our short stroll, we stopped by this small temple – Japanese version of King Neptune I supposed.

The huge bells only reminds me of Doreamon’s bell.. =.=

My shy friend and I flashing the trademark japz pose *peace

From afar, you will see the looooong queue to 2 of the most famous restaurant in the area, you will spot Sushi Dai, then Sushi Daiwa next to each other. It’s not unusual to queue for at least 1.5 hours for a seat in the very narrow and small shops. This is just like 1/6 or 1/7 of the real queue.

I was extremely lucky to wait for less than 15minutes before being ushered in and guess what, we were the last 2 diners for the day. SCORE!  My friend ordered the chef special menu that cost  ¥4,000 (RM153) per person to sample the finest and freshest sushi.

Once seated, a small wooden board will be place in front of you and the chef in charge of the section will start making some sushi and place on it. Once you eat a piece, they will keep replenish until you finished sampling the whole set. I’m not sure about this, but apparently the japanese dont really “mix” wasabi with soy sauce then dip the sushi before eating it. I was asking my friend where is the wasabi when the chef smiled at me and placed a dollop of wasabi on my board and asked if I am from Korea/Singapore. I was lucky to be served by the old master of the shop too 😀

My friend very kindly tried to explain each sushi to me in English and we were heavily depending on Google and having a good laugh when the old chef just produce a laminated board with photos of the sushi and explanation in English -_________-|| I think he find us annoying already hahaha

The yellow stuff is Sea Urchin, and the texture is like crab eggs. Very… interesting taste.

Then of course, we have squids, tuna, raw shrimps, maguro, tamago, and all the goodness of sushi in front of me !! I was in pure sushi heaven.

Yes, it may not have the best presentation and its on the pricey side, BUT it’s so definitely worth it.  I have a few dreams about this place after dining and I really really wants to go back to Tokyo for this (among many other things :p)

There can be only 1 word to be uttered after each bite: OISHII!! or ICHIBAN!! or SUGOIII!! or SUPER OISSHII!! in my case

Indeed, there’s too much good things to speak of Japan, I will have to dedicate my blog to singing praises about the places to finish blogging about my trips ( if ever)

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