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End of CNY..

In conjuction with the end of CNY, I would like to wish everyone a very happy chap goh meh or chinese valentines day! Come to think of it, the Chinese has more Valentines Day then the west. Chap Goh Meh, … Continue reading

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Holga Micro-110

Many thanks to Christal for giving me this cute souvenirs from Tvb Island! I only say I will not get any new cameras for the next 3 years, but did not say will not accept any as gifts :p To emphasis the petiteness of this camera, … Continue reading

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simple life

Life used to be so simple When apple and blackberries are yummy and edible, not to mention cheap Now, they have become nemesis When the hardest task I had to complete is reading B-A ba~ C-A- ca ~ BACA! Now … Continue reading

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Fresh BB convert

Everyday I see 2 crackberries at home. Everday I work closely with 2 BB user at the office. Ever since my friend, Buaya got his bb, he start raving about it non-stop to me. Then I start to feel I’m … Continue reading

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