Taipei – Ay-Chung Mee Suah

Bonus photos from our day in Ximending. Probably one of the main reason WHY so many people throng here 🙂

I took this photo. Simply because it will make an awesome souvenier for the boys and seems less perverted for a girl asking for a photo from a girl like that compared with asking Mrsmallface to ask for it. haha

Before we had the Arashi Ramen, we already shared a bowl of the famous Ay-Chung noodle. At first we couldnt locate the place and we were wandering around for at least 30mins before someone allow me to ask for help.

We were quite blind for not noticing the crazy queue and crowd. Must be the heat!

Verdict : Okla.. Not a big fan. Tried it once, cross it forever on my “tourist” must-eat list.

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