Taipei – Jiufen 九份

I’m determined to complete this travel log. 🙂

We arrived at JiuFen quite late in the afternoon after YehLiu. It was up on the hills so naturally it has a colder climate. Thankful for that !!

The main “entrance” where tourists are herded to.

First meal – the original Taro Ball. But i dont like it! I prefer the sweeter version of Snowflakes. Most of the food in Taiwan are more bland on the taste. I dont blame them, as malaysia’s chinese cuisine are more towards Hongkong which generally comes heavier in taste.

I love this fried tempura stall. Like seriously love it ! When I place my order in English, an auntie standing behind me laugh. Apparently she finds it amusing to have someone placing order in English. -_____-

Marketing Gimmick. No idea what she sells are any good or not.

Basically how the whole jiufen is like. Stairs and slopes and narrow alley.

Plenty of doggies in jiufen!! Love it. I love how easy it is to bring dogs around in Taiwan. They are as easy and as common as handphones!  The dogs are happy lot to be living in Taiwan, I’ll say.

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