Taipei – Yeh Liu

Week 29 – Uneventful after being “active” for almost every single weekend since June. Was a mundane week where people work >eat >sleep > repeat

So i will continue to blog about Taipei 🙂

Day 3 which also July 9th, Hari Bersih and my uncle planned a trip to the outskirt for us.

Tips:  Since I’ve already found out how to get to YehLiu by public transport, might as well share. Go to Taipei Main Station, find  Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A  then take Kuo Kuang Bus to YehLiu (120mins)

The Yehliu town is really small and there’s a huge 7-11 infront of the Geo Park. The geopark is actually rocks that has been through years( maybe millions? I dont know)

It’s a really hot and sunny day and the tourist there was REALLY by hordes.

It’s an extremely good idea to allow any group of china tourist to move ahead. Either way, they will also cut the queues. We are lucky to only encounter them twice throughout the trip and caused us not much nuisance.

Once you walk through an array of man-made statues, you will see this.

Plenty of it ~ and it’s called mushroom rocks. Looks like it ?

There’s plenty of photo opportunity for the posers. Unfortunately, i am quite “kayu” in that department.

The main attraction of the park is the Queen’s Head. A rock in particular that in certain angle will look like Cleopatra. And just like any major attraction, there’ s a queue to it, with a designated spot for the photographer and of course, 2 pair of footprint which screams “stand here to have the best photo” .  Below is an example of not following the footprints and hence blocking half the rock -_________-

Another main reason why I would want to go under the sun and walk through all the sandy path is so I can do the below!!

Many years ago, my parents was at the exact same spot when they were still dating ^_^ and then the rock still have a thicker neck and no circle of rocks! My parent look so cool in the bell bottom..hohoohoh!

Basically how the park looks like. Multiple by 3 times.

My little cousin enjoyed the day out. Wearing the fake spectacle frame i bought but end up never wearing it. If you look closely, the grey buildings behind my cousin is where the park entrance is. So imagine the walk.

Next post – Jiu Fen

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