Thai Boat Noodles in Penang

Usually when Boat Noodle are mentioned especially in KL, it will remind you of the long queues, bite size noodles and bowl stacking just like this


I personally had queued for more than an hour to have a taste of it at the Empire Damansara outlet and truthfully, it’s nice but not worth the long queue at all.

When I was back in Penang last weekend, I dropped by CF Food Court along Weld Quay to try out this version of Thai Boat Noodles that I heard about.


Left: Pork
Right: Chicken

Both K and I agree that the chicken version was much tastier and I can still remember how soft and tender the drumstick meat are that they literally just fall off the bone. The pork was as good, just the chicken one was much better!


For RM6.50 per bowl, I got a whole drumstick plus some more, 3 fish balls and loads of noodles, I think it’s a great deal. Versus, the bite size version of RM1.90 per bowl and for me, I need an average of 6 bowls to be full. Plus, they have some awesome kopi-peng.

Give it a try if you are in Penang or craving to try the boat noodle. They have good Chinese dumplings and tom-yam maggie too. I’m quite a fan of this food court prior to this and I think the opening of this stall just solidified my fondness towards it.

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