the accidental vegetarian…

*Last year, i was reminiscing on Scotland Road trip with fellow tarcians. *

As much Penangite would have been aware by now, it the time of the year again where carnivores will turn into extreme vegetarians for 10 days, some less. 😎

I am a full fledged meat-lover who despise greenies except broccoli and tomatoes. I’m even in antivege club with Sewjin. However after working for Chinese takeaway where you eat whatever you’re served, i learn to appreciate greenies just a lil bit more.

Even more when I learn that jasonmraz is a raw foodist.

But never would I ever ever imagine me not having meat. Due to the rain and laziness, I just ordered whatever food my colleague order and lunch in. Which is vegetarian food for lunch, Monday that is.

Went without dinner cos I was busy playing badminton which causes my body to ache everytime i move around now. The next day was raining gila babi again so i lunch in again. Vegetarian food.

Dinner was with the girls and since Speng is on the 10days religion thing, we had to go vegetarian again.

Some cucumber popiah and Green Curry Rice which taste nothing but spicy to me.

2 whole day!!! OMG~ :s

Today I break the vege diet finally with a bowl of Koey Teow Th’ng, extra meat, for lunch. The rain had finally stop after 2 days of raining. The rain gods are still at it this morning resulting no bukit merah trip for the guys 😐

Clouds and blue painting the sky today as I parked my car and walk towards my lil cube to continue bloggin facebook surfing working. It’s gonna be a lovely day after all.

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

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4 Responses to the accidental vegetarian…

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    i dont like veggies!!! ut occasionally hav 2 b a vegetarian, when got halal meat, like during the kangaroo island trip.

    3x pay today, go get some real food!

    Eve: Eat bak kut teh!! The most meaty food! yeah!!

  2. d e s says:

    wahahaa work surfing + facebook…

    i like that job!

  3. Kenny Ng says:

    Now is the vegetarian season (9th Emperor), I really miss the foods la

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