The aftermath of festive seasons

I’ve been hungry for the past 5 days now.

I stole this photo from matthew’s facebook. the left side read: Before christmas and Right reads: After Christmas.

I’m in that state exactly T__T so sad…previous hard work of dieting all down the drain. Somemore someone kept calling me fat and ugly on msn as a daily reminder to drop the weight!! And i believe i am not the only victim. Pei also kena victimize by him but she lagi kesian because she had to face him everyday.

So we decided to form alliances. Helen, Pei and Me…something like weight watcher group. Must motivate and encourage each other to lose weight. Somehow it sounds like those support group. aAahaH. Fat anonymous. And instead of saying “Hi, I’m an addict” we can say “Hi, I’m fat”

So depressing.

On the 4th day of dieting, i started to hallucinate pizza, burgers and fries floating around me. Me working in the food line is not helping at all. Fries bertimbunan everyday seems like calling at me to eat them T___T

Yesterday i went to Lincoln again to meet some ppl for my “farewell” lunch. The first time i met them was my “welcome” lunch. Yesterday was only the second time i saw them. Ahaha..

Anyway, i ventured around the town and came across this quaint shop. CANDY SHOP.

Really old fashion type where you only see them in movies.

Willy Wonka and Chocolate factory type.

I am so tempted to buy some and try but that will just ruin my hardwork so far. So i left empty handed.

For lunch, i can have all the dimsums throwned at me! Ha Kau, Lo MaiKai and chee cheung fun. But i just had a bowl of porridge and 1 egg tart. compensate myself, i bought 2 pairs of shoes and some other stuff hahaha. Went home, eat my special K and slept at 830pm. Shopping is not only a good outlet to release stress and depression, it is also a good way to keep healthy. My phone has got this function that counts every step you take.

On average, i take about 4000steps a day plus 20mins jog. When i was out shopping, i will normally take more than 8000steps without even breaking a sweat.

My verdict: Shopping is gewd!! 🙂 🙂

It had been so long since i slept for more than 10 hours. This morning, woke up with a smile


10 more days before i met anyone. 10 days of healthy lifestyle!!!

I can do it, I can do it! *mentally psych myself*

I filled my mp3 with songs that have sexy videos. So when i listen to Sexy Back, i imagine Alessandra Ambrossi, and i run faster in the cold…

Putting myself through hell now so i can binge when i’m back on the travel map.

10 more days!!

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5 Responses to The aftermath of festive seasons

  1. angchoonseong says:

    ewww..who is that bastard? he must be very thin to have said those things abt u guys.

  2. Eve says:

    hmm..i think that guy is unfortunately near obese himself.

  3. Des says:

    willy wonka type of shop LOL

    p/s u shud have done some photo editing and put the fat fella pic as acs face!

  4. h3l3n says:

    its funny how obese ppl call slim ppl Fat..

    anyway Go Go Eve!! haha i didnt expect got other ppl keep wana diet lik pei and i, but U have reason to diet wic givs u motivation, 2 look slim when balik.. somemore u r doing it well.. pei2 and i super slim n cantik also some obese buaya in edin will call us fat..

  5. Eve says:

    des: good idea huh…

    helen: diet.. obese ady judgement not that good ma..

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