The Celebrations- Finale

This would be the final post on my birthday this year. Tak sangka it took me 4 post to complete it, and it’s nearly a month after that. Pheewww… Because of the procrastinator in me, thank god, i still bersemangat to blog about, alot of times i feel like dont want to blog bout it anymore and just move on to the next “latest” things. >__< It took me a record time of sitting down for 3 hours just for this post. To select and edit those photos. I’m abit idiotic bout photo editing, so it’s all trial and error. BTW, if anyone knows how to save the photos and when i upload, it will appear nice and not pixelate, please let me know ok ??? Thank you!!!!

And also those people that sit around and talk and wait to makan..hahahah

Anyway, after much delay, we only started to eat at 9pm instead of the planned 6pm. All ate and being very merry bout it. Plus the song selections from TL pc were, lets say, very interesting. Ranging from Smokes get into Your Eyes, to Grease OST to BEP.

What to do after eating? Take lots of photos la….hahaha Although we took alot all the while we were eating. Photos that i took with the girls. Infact, there are many many more photos, but couldn’t post all cos there’s just too many. Just browsing through selecting which to post had been a hard time for me, as i would end up looking and laughing at photos, hence wasting more time -.-|||

The dinner makes me feels like i’m in Penang and not KL at all, because of all the familiar faces surrounding me, the familiar language of Hokkien chattering the night away, familiar lingo that we use, Wastalla, or I wish to be with speng foreva, and ever and ever and ever !! the familiar cursing, lemma, instead of the kl, diu. MUahahhahaa.

*Click for larger view*

This proves that no matter where you maybe, you will always feel like you are home whenever surrounded by family and friends.

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.

No matter how kolot also i must say ady, Friendship Forever ya!! *blush* You guys will always be on my left ala beyonce style. To the left, to the left…..

Thank you all once again for the wonderful WEEK i had….

ps: lets rock kerachut next~!!! woohoooo!!!!!

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8 Responses to The Celebrations- Finale

  1. ting says:

    wah…such a nice party….so many people. anyway, when are u coming back to penang?

  2. Spyd3r says:

    apa pulak tak productive ni…haha kidding…paiseh ya… we shud let ur “chi mui” settle maa hehe since they so keng!!!

    hope u hav a blast that night, cos we certainly did…

    anyway sori for the delay…i was lost ans stuck in jam lolz

  3. christalloh says:

    wooo hooo…

    lets have another Tom Yam Steamboat session in KL… it juz fell so Penang-y.

    *only Penangites are invited or people who have the Penang-lingo…*

    muahuahahhaa… !!!!

  4. aL says:

    whaahh.. so many 85′ there! ahahaa!

  5. Eve says:

    ting: yalo, all finish exam ady, so come makan mar..

    des: not blaming you la, we also late =P

    chrital: u gather penangite first lo

    al: u anti 85 wan issit -.-“

  6. williamt says:

    apa william’s representative pulak….
    he is master long, himself, your kawan…not my representative k!
    Because william is non-representable..wuahahahha

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lol. William representative xD

  8. summer says:

    hey wassup!!..soli, onli get 2 read ur blog..i just reach home from my camp..damn tired..panda eyes n sore throat n ulcer n a sexy voice…i wish we had da tom yam steamboat again…oh ya!!..da happy news!!..i’m so damn happy!!!..kekeke…d day know bout it, it make my day so beautiful…altho i tengah nyawa-nyawa ikan d in tat really bring da spirit up…okla..wish us good luck..

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