The Celebration(s) Part 2

Sorry for the lack of updates. My dearies came all the way from Penang to KL to find me, so i need to teman them from day to night. HAHA..

So picking up from where i left, Reubens and the MMU fellas came from Cyberjaya to Setapak to give me a surprise.HAAHA. That would be like the first surprise i had ever since i can remember. They swoosheed me out of my house when i was bout to sleep. We went for dessert at ktz and then went mamak as they want to try out shishas. All the while i’m in my pajamas as he told me he just wanted to pass something to me -__-||

Suddenly, we were on the way to Genting, Woohoo! Me like impulsive actions ^-^ So cold there since it was drizzling all the way, went starbucks for awhile then the guys decided to challenge uncle lim..hehe

I got stop by the guard at the casino, so i showed him my IC, and he return it with a smile and a Happy Birthday! haha…a tour around the casino just 3 hours past my legal age. Kewll… But not all of us all walk out richer > <>

For lunch, i went KLCC Santini with a group of my coursemates. Its a mini combine birthday with my other coursemate, this would be the 4th time we celebrate together since her bday is on the 16th =)

I did not expect for a cake, but those sweethearts bought us one huge one! Creamy chocolate fudge. Oh my, i couldn’t finish it after the lunch we had. That’s me with most of the girls.

I guess it’s a wise decision for them to get a cake since all of them enjoy it alot. You can see base on their expressiion…Suddenly everyone think it’s fun to pose with a fork sticking out of your mouth. Kekeke….

I had a great time that day and i believe you guys had one too. We should go makan there more often, so nice the food!!!!!

Thanks again for the presents, i can strike out that item from my wish lists now =)

I also wanted to thank my mom, dad, DivaLisa and brotherPoh for wishing me. That meant the most. Not forgetting those many sms-es i received at 2am since my phone abit screw up now, namely from Pling, LadyCow, Summer, Joosing, Christal, Sarah, YYM, SearShen, Eemei, Karling, LiLing, Mabelle, Desmond(s), Butt, ChuanLong, TL and many others. Also thanks for all the wishes that comes from my MSN list residents and testimonials in friendster.

A huge thank you in advance to LadyCow, Summer, Sarah and Christal for helping on saturday. To the girls and butt 400km journey here to kl, really appreciate it. Desmond, Jaysen and Cheeboo time to come for the modest dinner although you guys are still having exam, same to Christal whose facing dateline for her assignments. Oh ya, thanks to TeongLi, Kelvin and housemate #1 & #2 for letting us vandalise your house.

To those that couldn’t make it for the dinner, TOO BAD LA! You miss out a hell lot of good food, fun and laughters =P

More on saturday dinner..Next!!!

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5 Responses to The Celebration(s) Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Your pajamas so nice wan ar?

    I went Genting casino one week after my birthday. Sepuluh kali masuk, sepuluh kali kena check. Haih, so troublesome.

    Most recently, I went again. Got my IC ready liau. But the guard didn’t bother checking at all.

    That means I look older??

  2. joosing says:

    so jealous…so jealous….hiahs….

    i masuk tak kena check!! i look lagi old! so sien!

  3. Eve says:

    Cy : Sepuluh kali masuk, sepuluh kali kena check. Haih, so troublesome. Isi tersirat means u look very young issit? hahaha Maybe the guard now see u also lazy to check d…

    Joosing: wats so jeles about??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Of coz I look young lah. Me still young mah. 21 only, lol.

  5. Joash Chan says:

    very well done photos…

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