The Celebration(s) Part 3

Haha! So there’s a part 3 in celebrating my birthday and there will be a part 4!!! I just wanted it to be a simple dinner/steamboat for those who came from penang to meet with those base in KL now.

Early Saturday morning, me dears and me woke up to go to Market. Yes, the wet market, not supermarket. ughh..i hate going there because, well, it’s wet!

Coming back from there, we started to prepare for the dinner.. There’s this particular thingie that Lady Cow told me its called lengkuas. HATE IT! looks so innocent but, it’s damn hard ok… hard to chop lar…

So i had to chop it into a few pieces, supposedly, it’s best for tomyam soup. So with the speed of light, i chopped it up, just like chopping bamboos in camp *HA YAK!!!*

After slaving our cute asses away the whole day in the kitchen while waiting for Christal to cook the soup base, me and LadyCow pass out leaving Summer with my Sex and the City dvds. Thanks for sacrificing a day of mad shopping and help me in the kitchen. For christal, thanks for rushing over to cook ya!!

Although all you can see is balls and sausages (pun intended, kekee) but, all our hardwork is inside the steamboat!! Those attended are on a SEEFOOD diet, so many stuff, and they can stuff it all into their tummy…amazing ok…

At the beginning, the hotness level is like peri-peri, not so hot..still can take, to accommodate me, the non-spicy-food-eater. I’m already like a dog in a hot summer day, tougue out, panting and all. Shitz…but i was busy talking then concentrating to eat anyway..kakakaa

Then those people wanted challenge, and they got what they wished for!! You see the soup turn to sososososo red?? They just add-in the tomyam paste straight from the can -__-|| Even Sarah, a tomyam lover, canot take it anymore that, she had to add water to her soup, to neutralize it.

Next post will be on those familiar faces you often see on my blog!!! Tomoro class at 8am la…can die wei…demi blog, gua sanggup!!

On a different note, i just felt like slapping a certain someone across his stupid face today so hard that his mother wouldn’t regconize for at least a few hours. And the weird thing is…..

That certain person did nothing to me at all. I just can’t stand to be around that person. I DONT WANT TO EVEN FEEL YOUR PRESENCE AROUND ME! so fuck off la dei….

I’m so screwed up wei…

and i got dilemma whether to balik penang or not…should i or should i not…….wtf la wei!!

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6 Responses to The Celebration(s) Part 3

  1. angchoonseong says:

    wahlau…who is datleh?

    btw…the tomyam look very tomyamy…macam best…i miss steamboat…

  2. Wan Yean says:

    just slap it.

    as long as it is not me.

  3. Spyd3r says:

    haha…lupakan yang sedih..balik penang pigi suplex enjoy!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    “slaving our cute asses away the whole day”


    Btw, I prefer red apple….

  5. Kenny Ng says:

    new template? nice eh…

  6. aL says:

    come back lahhhhh…we go yumcha. lol =P

    i hope my opinion helps. ahaks.

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