The end of life.


My primary HD in my penang pc die-ed on my last night. That’s where i kept my photos and songs ever since i know how to icq with people. Can. You. Just. Imagine. How. Long. Is. That??

knncb..all gone. Not only that, i guess i’ll be held responsible for all losses by my sister and brother cos i’m the one that always meddle around with the pc. I mean other than online and normal stuff. DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!

I tried to salvage whatever i could the whole farking day but to no avail *shakes head in disbelieve* DIE Liau la this time…… T_________T

Not my fault la……i’m also victim…. Luckily i transfered most photos taken recently to cd or distribute to rakan sebaya already. OMG! I couldn’t image what will happen if i lost all Desmond’s birthday photos and Ah Wong’s penang trip… I’ll be devastated on top of what i’m feeling right now.

Sorry won’t be any update soon..Too sad to blog bout happy things. I’ll go mourn for my hard disk now.

Oh, by the way, do you know how hard i tried to watch that Rob-b-Hood movie?? I line up for god knows how many times already but always full house!! Penang people please watch other movies can? Let me watch before i go back kl la! 2 damn weeks ok… o_O I tried to buy tickets to watch that movie for 2 damn weeks.

Even today when LadyCow buy the tickets for tomorrow movie, we still had to sit on the 2nd row =.=|||

I guess i’ll leave the story bout the haunted karaoke room for next time. The ones that already know bout it, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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11 Responses to The end of life.

  1. piggy yee says:

    dun be too sad lar.
    nothing much u can do now.
    watch Rob-b-Hood when u’re back to kl lar.i oso havent watched it.
    dun wan 2 fight wit ppl.wait till nobody wanna watch 1st then i go n watch.haha~~
    waiting for ur blog bout room 52(am i rite?)

  2. Kenny Ng says:

    Aiyo… HDD died ah? I experienced before too, lost over 2000 MP3s and my most important data for my thesis. Now I got more than 5000 MP3s… time to backup into DVD lor… if not I gonna jump down from my condo if my HDD die.

  3. Joosing says:

    i know how u feel my dear!!
    cos this happened to me last few months…..EVERYthing GONE!!!!!
    so so so sad!!!
    cannot eat. cannot sleep. cannot even smile for the whole week!

    rob-b-hood! i sat on th first row la!! lago gai!!! Wat to do!! It is worth to Watch k???
    i cry like babi! malu nia

  4. darron says:

    looking forward for the haunted karaoke room..oops,sorry for ur HD..about the rob-b-hood,i thk when u come back kl u still able to watch it,that time sure u can get a nice nice place and no need see til ur neck claim (coz sit too infront..) the way,i am seow yee’s ex coursemate..

  5. Eve says:

    piggy yee: i watched d 😛

    kenny: i also backup my songs, but the dvd couldn’t play..*dropdead*

    joosing: i heard alot of tissue ruffling sound.hahahhaha

    darron: thanks for visiting! Ex course rep right.

  6. darron says:

    u r welcome,i not so good to be a course rep,course rep this typical thing is belong to someone called mandy,haha,if u want know her story,u can ask seow yee,i’m just a small class rep..somemore is ex..hee hee..

  7. Jason says:

    Rob-B-Hood in Penang so full?

    Come back to KL only watch la. Jz watched it in 1U last week, no need to rebut. Hahaha.

  8. Albert says:

    Ouch, that happened to me too. Fortunately, I moved most of my stuff to the newer hard disk already. I’d recommend partitioning only 5 GB for the C:\, installing everything in another partition, and putting your data in another.

  9. piggy yee says:

    charges for introducing fans:
    1 person:TGI Friday’s dinner
    2 person:Japanese Buffet
    3 person:KL Hilton Buffet
    thank you for visiting piggy yee’s agency!

  10. christalloh says:

    second row??? get your tickets when ‘booking tickets’ are open for midnight show. haha. that’s how i got mine. Asked them see how many people have not collected the RESERVED ones. Not sure for evening show le, but noon or midnite, sure ada people PPK 1.

    But, ROB-B-HOOD its sure a good movie. Got to see Louis Koo in a action/comedy/touching movie again.. haha…

    when come back KL? miss u here already…

  11. CY says:

    Sorry to hear about your HDD. Maybe the computer guys can still salvage the data, perhaps?

    What about the karaoke room?

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