The First of Many Goodbyes

So it’s the season again. It’s the monsoon season, for malaysia and also for me.. cos this is the time where all my friends starts to go back to their euro, pound and dollar spending life leaving me here…in RM.
Yesterday william return to his kerbau, ny. I can’t send him cos im in kl, by right slaving away at my books. Miss your off-target jokes and aunty look already. Surely will miss the best driver in the world, the trips we took back to pg and to kl..oh ya, ur cute lil smart car…no more midnite outings for me..booo!

Hope you had a blast there again, go snowboarding and show me some improved skill no more bruises ok? or rather go to some dorm parties and try to get lucky la…wahahahahahhaaha


I’m seriously such a sucker for sex and the city.

Cant seem to get enough of it. Why do they had to stop at season 6!?!?! *pulls hair and mengamuk*

Wish i can have a life like carrie… I once took a quiz that says i’m like here..wahhaa

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6 Responses to The First of Many Goodbyes

  1. Wan Yean says:

    you’ve got red rosy cheeks! XD

  2. Eve says:

    wy: bbq party sure hot wan right. flushed cheeks. i’m need to run. ahaha

  3. pp says:

    i’ll do wadeva i wan if i dying tomoro is short, but..not too short oso la..
    aiya..wrong post..nvm la..

  4. Eve says:

    pp: i think u wanna comment bout my msn nick..hehe..salah tempat wei.. =)

  5. CY says:

    Wah, you and Will wearing matching suits. So cute lah! 🙂

  6. Eve says:

    cy: coincidence la.. =)

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