The importance of HR Training

I just switched to Maxis this month from DIGI after being with them since 2002.

Mainly because our phones 3g features has been on holiday since we own them. Also, MrSmallFace office has extremely shitty reception for Digi, practically non-existence.

Last night, I called their customer service line because they seem to double billed me. I was put through the automated call diversion for a good 15minutes when all I want to do is speak to someone regarding my bill.

But the most intriguing part of the whole conversation….the customer service girl answer is in bold.

I notice that currently I do not have international roaming. Can you please activate it for me?
Yes, but you will need to put down a deposit of RM300 before it can be done.
Why? When i was with digi, it was free all the while.
Yes, Ms Lee. You must pay deposit of RM300 first.
So if I knew that I would have to put in any money for a simple service, I should have stayed with Digi~~
Yes, Ms Lee
*at this point, i was so amused by her answer*
So are you suggesting that I should have stayed with Digi instead??
Yes, Ms Lee. This is up to individual..
*skip some boring part*
So I need to pay cash of RM300 to get the service?

Yes, Ms Lee
How long do I need to wait for refund should I decided to cancel the service?
Around 6 months (then i said 6 MONTHS!! ) She quickly changed to Nonono, maximum 6 months.
Okay, so i need to fork out RM300 cash to get a service I dont need all the time and you guys will need to take 6 months to refund the money to me..?
Yes, Ms Lee…

At this point, I’m already fed up talking with the robot girl. I did not get her name because I don’t think it’s useful at all~ It’s not like I am going to complain to her manager or anything like that.

-________-  This is so not the correct way to represent your company. Suggesting to newly convert customer that they should have stayed with your previous supplier, HAHAHA where got customer service that doesn’t want to retain customer??

Anyway, I suggest Maxis to buck up more on their customer service. I pity the girl that took my call last night, it’s your luck that I’m a sarcastic customer but you should have been better trained.. *shrugs*

Apart from that, I realize that they did double charge me and MrSmallFace on the same thing twice!! This is just my first month with Maxis and already dissatisfied with them….

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3 Responses to The importance of HR Training

  1. christal says:

    har… so now if call u ma not DiGi rate any more lor… =.=;

    aiks.. but stil remain same # kan ??

    wishes u a safe flight tmrw !!!


  2. desmond-t says:

    Wah got such a thing wan meh…

    I’ve been using Maxis all this while and if I want to activate, I’ll just give them a ring, without any charges and no other surcharges… Not so sure why is this happening to you.

    Erm, maybe I already paid the deposit years ago? Maybe… just maybe… They afraid you over-used their IDD calls

  3. Eve says:

    des, you try to turn the roaming now and see if they ask deposit from you.

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