The Inheritors 상속자들

2 months ago, I stumbled upon this old movie called Tempting Hearts on TV and got so into it that I watched it 3 times in a week. I’m always a sucker for such genre of movies. A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Times Traveller’s Wife, Before Sunrise/Sunset :- Name it, I’ve watch them -___-

Beginning of late last year, I started to watch Running Man. Oh the joy it brings to watch it.  There was a phase where if I have any free time at all, I would rather watch Running Man rather than going out, meeting people, or even sleeping. It’s such a funny funny funny show. Because I’ve been watching RM, my knowledge on the entertainment world of Korean has been subconsciously gradually increasing. To the extent that now I’m listening to T.O.P and G-Dragon song on a daily basis -__-   Rewinding to the moment when Speng showed me their “Fantastic Baby” MV, I was like, what sort of rubbish boy band is this???  Never say never!! The Korean in me is starting to come out! Anyway I just want to jot down this crazy phase in my life because I find it amusing.

As I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of RM. So there’s this episode on Inheritors theme and it was quite funny. Then on one nice Saturday evening, MrSmallFace and I was channel surfing on Astro and saw that the drama is actually showing.  We are both learning Korean hence we try to watch as much kbs as possible. Coincidently Astro was showing Episode 1 & 2, so we decided to check it out and fast forward to the next Saturday, we were at home again at the same time hence Ep 3 & 4…. AND then we got hooked!!!!!!!! How can that happen?! Prior to this, I’ve only watch 2 kDrama – Full House and Goong.  All the while I was watching it, I was criticizing it .. The plot was so cheesy!! So cheesy ! It’s like Gossip Girls x Meteor Garden. Rich, arrogant, handsome boy meets poor, pretty girl who dont give a flying f towards him. Got annoyed, but start to fall in love plus much obstacles.  As bad as it may sound, it is a good recipe for drama isn’t it ?


Then we found out that we can actually stream it online to watch it real-time as per Korea showing time. That was when the madness unleashed. MrSmallface and I was watching the drama all the time, and stalking on Instagram. Turns out, obviously there are more obsessed people than us, satisfying our crave for the drama with behind the scenes and stalking photos of the cast -___- We learned so much on Korean filming system within these 2 short weeks.  Not only that, I also learned that the actor Lee MinHo is actually super popular which I’ve never even heard before prior to this. KimTan is not really my cup of tea, I still go for Choi Young-Do the badboy.


It was really fun to chase a drama with the boyfriend. I have never seen him so obsessed with any drama, not even Games of thrones ahhahaa.. But its good because he will download all the files and songs automatically without me begging him to do so. This week will mark the end of this drama. Which is also one of the most anticipated drama of 2013 (we learned now) ..

I don’t always watch K-Drama, but when I do, I watch the most anticipated one

What will the ending be after much turmoil in the life of a few mega rich 18 years old ??? Tomorrow it will all be unveiled !!

Heirs 17 GIF 57 tumblr_mx9jqk96yO1sh8uxlo1_1280

If you are interested, the title of the drama is The Heirs or The Inheritors / 상속자들. MrSmallface found this blog who did very funny and witty episode recap. Recommended for leisure reading.

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  1. Christy says:

    è difficile non frequentare persone del genere,dato che sono tutti cosi!io trovo solo gente del genere.quelli saeauequilibriti,onnsti,g,ardano sempre altrove, e preferiscono donne cattive ,egoiste e superficiali

  2. Åhh så mycket fint du fann hos din vännina!!!!Och så mycket fint du hittat till din nätbutik!Underbart!ha en fin dagKramar Kathrine

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