The Road i choose….

Tomorrow Sarah, SeowYee, and Hweee will be going home to nasi lemak and teh ais. While i’m still here eating fish & chips and pies.

So i choosed to be here in lovely Edinburgh. Job hunting. still…

Yesterday i went to my first ever Raya Open House in my life. Hmm, open house in uk but not malaysia yah..haha..anyway, it was really nice as they had roti jala and nasi ayam and the roast chicken tasted like those they sell at Ayamas…

On first day of Raya though, we went for indian food! Weee…Malayan curry freaking nice ok..with briyani thats overloaded with prawns..that’s the way it should be..

Here..u see me with ShiYing. Newly found friend with similar interest. Wahaha….She’s so nice to bring me around job hunting and distributing my cv like choi san yeh. Thanks to peipei and buaya also lah….

Should i just go back to Malaysia and put my uk life behind me once and for all? That’s the question i’ve been pondering for the past few days. Still thinking and thinking…

Today i went to the Royal Museum alone. Quite boring right, my life now. Go musuem, online, job hunting, watch rugby since it’s the World Cup.. You don’t see those rugby players complaining of injuries every 5 seconds compare to footballers… That france guy, sebastian just like a caveman..Urghh..

Ooo…Watched Jay Chow’s Secret and it’s a brilliant movie! The piano scene, out of the world!! WATCH if you really like music.

Say hie to GreyFriar Bobby, the terrier that’s famous for it’s loyalty.

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4 Responses to The Road i choose….

  1. mrbherng says:

    Same here. I went to my first ever raya open house in the UK. That was like last year though. This year, went for 2 and should have a few more next week. WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Des says:

    omg u watch rugby!!!!

    yes rugby players are more tough ma..

    u ever hear wrestlers complain pain in the ring? same thing applies…

  3. CY says:

    Good luck with the job hunt!!

    Please tell, what did GreyFriar Bobby do?

  4. bchye says:

    We had open house in the embassy too. In moscow, the food is terrible! To the MAX!!!

    UK malaysians so lucky…

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