The weird advert i noticed on the star

hi, did anyone noticed that it’s already half way past June? Which means…6 months had already flew past with nothing much been done.

Anyway, today while reading the news online as usual, i noticed something very perocative on the side bar.

It’s actually an advert from MAS showing 2 dolphins in what i think a, gif image.
Quickly i print screen it and since I’m in the office now, i only have paint tool which i have no freaking idea on how to use it..hahaha

To make things clearer…the advertisement that *I* saw is actually the 2 dolphin moving back and forth in a very suggestive position..hmmm

HAHAHA.. maybe they should throughly think through an advert before publishing it on the internet for the view of many many many ppl.

So whats up with me today?

Going to watch Kungfu Panda tonight which i think and bet would be ?AWESOME?

and i just found out something which i knew all the while.. I just love to make things more complicated for myself. and i love challenges. I always wants things i canot get. My way of writing on my blog doesnt do justice to what i really wanna say..

Why couldn’t life just be easy, breezy and beautiful ?

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  1. bc says:

    Girls are dirty minded. Yonglin told me the same thing. -_-

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