This is personal

This entry is meant for a certain group of people.

You guys say “You’ve changed since I move away from penang”
This is what i say:

Have you yourself not changed a single bit? Did i change for better or worse, you did not tell me? I see you people change for the worse, but you people are not listening. What am i suppose to do? Can you tell me that now? Will our relationship really stay as how it is 4 years or so ago? I seriously doubt it if all we do is nothing. Everything needs to be work from both side. Please do think about it. I know everyone will change so come what may.

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2 Responses to This is personal

  1. Sunny Side Up says:

    Everyone will definitely change over time, it is true. So, don’t bother what the others say about you, as long as you are happy about yourself.

    So, have you gotten a bf as I suggested last time?

  2. Eve says:

    wow, it will be great if i can get a hot, sexy, rich, generous, kind bf that loves me to bits in a matter of days!! u know anyone like that? hmm? Please do let me know ya! hahhaha

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