This is the real world, honey~

I’ve never felt so upset on my current job before. Today, i not only feel upset, sad, disappointed but also uncontented and unfair. I’ve not even blogged during work hours since I joined here. But im now really super gila babi beh tahan…


I hate it when things are beyond my control. I hate it when I’ve done so much but can’t reap my harvest. I feel like I’m a farmer that tend and nurtured my crops. The day to reap it, it’s all taken away and some people who has just sat there sipping tea all the while got all the profit.

Everyone I’ve spoken to advised – Yea, life is unfair like that. Blame the system. Too bad for you. Be patient. Be professional.

I’m trying my super best to maintain a cheerful front in the office now. But who can be cheerful when you are the only one left out and everyone else is extending their “sympathy”.

Joining the rat race. Today i understand the true meaning, as to climb the rank, sometimes you need to rat someone out. But I wont do it in my case. Will just ruin my own reputation here.

I will survive this down point of my still young life. Taking it with a pinch of salt and Jason Mraz’s song 😀

Sometimes the sun shines on other people’s houses and not mine
and the shy can paint the sky in a way
that takes away my summer time

and somehow the sun shines upon you while i struggle to get by
there’s a light in everybody so send your ray of sunshine

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3 Responses to This is the real world, honey~

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    im not going to join the others sympathising u.


  2. desmond-t says:

    i think it pisses me off even more when i see so many peeps didnt get the scholarship when they actually deserve one (*me) LOLOLLLL

    life is memang unfair (especially here)…wat to do? just live with it lo..rite?

    Eve: sad but true. u apa lagi scholarship, already working -___-

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