Thus End Another Chapter

Today marks the last day of my life as a student at TARC. 2 years in Penang and 2 years in KL. That’s why although im deadfish tired now, i will still blog before the day end.

We were suppose to go for lunch besar-besaran after the final class BUT class was cancel when i was already awake at 8am. Plan still goes on but that will be another story for another day. Rewind back to last week, where we had our public presentation aka workshop to outsiders as well.
Something that our course has been preparing for the whole semester. The preparation that gets everyone scuttling around campus looking for informations. Going over to the library in throngs and brainstorming like there’s no tomorrow.

Finally, the day has come where we would be judge by others. Nervous, of course we are. Although i’m not one of the presenter, but im happy that my group got selected into the final 3. My task on that day was simple, bau sua bau hai – usherette, supposedvideographer, photographer, almost a presenter, and chatting with others, hehee

On that day itself, everyone was required to dress formally. I dressed according to what i think as formal enough to work in an office. HEHEHE. Sorry la, i really look stupid if i wear my only collar shirt in KL. Since everyone is dressed to the nine, of course we took like tons of photos. BUT decently..since these are decent people.

I’m very happy that my group got 2nd placing. I’m actually happy with whatever placing we get because although it has been a hellish experience, going through all those stupid questionnaires. Getting weird looks from our sample population when we ask repetitive questions. Counting all the data until i become cock-eyed.

At times like this, we grew closer to each other. Know each other a little more. A little better. Tolerating each other maddening temper and behaviour when deadline draw closer by each day.

I really want to take this opportunity to thank Seow Yee and KaiZen for doing alot for this assignment. Putting in more effort that are supposed to be beared equally. Thank You for being so considerate. and being such a perfectionist, to kaizen…spotting out careless mistakes in our work after doing yours. -___-

To my roommate Sarah of a little more than a year, thanks for bearing with me when i switch on the lights doing last minute work in the minute while you try to sleep. hehe…I know it’s a nuisance.

The day of our presentation might very well be the last day we gather together. Next will be on the 3rd of February where most people will come in a daze to sit for exam and then go home to study/sleep until 7th of February again.

Time passes us very fast. With this, we had studied together for 12months. Through sick, psychotic lecturers and through sweet, pleasant lecturers, we had stick together. Waking up at 6 or 7 in the morning to attend classes or staying back until 8pm to attend MOFS we have been through it all together.
Going to mamak under the LRT track will remains in our memories as i do not think we have the time to go there anymore for the cheapest roti telur.

At the end of the day, it doesnt matter who emerge as the champion of the workshop. We all are champions as we had all made it till This Very Day.

It’s been my pleasure, moving to KL, knowing you bunch of people, experiencing independent life, seeing different things in life. Knowing people from other places other than Kulim, Penang, Butterworth or Permatang Pauh for once.

Mischevious group of people. Pleasant, fun and nice. Sleeping in class during Law in year 1 was a happy thing. hAHAHAHA Whatmore with our course rep…sometimes funny thing does happen in our class..Like asking for kisses as gratitude instead of thanks from our male counterpart..HAHAHAHA Joking ler..inside joke!!
Whatever that start must come to an end, even good things. It’s good that we end it in such a happy manner.

We shall rullllleeee Redbox (or issit Green box now) on the 7th of February againnnnn!!

And then everyone will part their ways pursueing their future. Wishing to see you people at the airport in june again. I hope i can go myself of course.. Till we meet again, happy life to everyone.

Friends are like stars, you might not see them each day, but you know they are always there.

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4 Responses to Thus End Another Chapter

  1. Spyd3r says:

    wah time passes by so fast…
    ppl gona graduate adee…

    such a wonderful memories u hav over there…how i wish i will hav in my place too…

    before i leave, wish u all the best for the final FINAL exam adee..better study hard ar..or else later no more final exam adee… lolz

    hope to see u grad and get ur degree from UK

  2. piggy yee says:

    a very good synopsis of our 2yers life in college:
    sleep in law class.haha!!!well…i did tat oso.big 5!!!
    attending MOFS class from 8am till 8pm.damn!!!i salute myself!!!
    mamak fella gonna miss the whole gang of us.very loyal customer during these 2 yers.hehe~~

    gonna miss all the days being together with the whole gang. T___T
    luv ABF so much!!!

    asgmnts thingy…hmm…dun need 2 thank me lar.chili’s triple play will do la.thanks! 😛

  3. darron says:

    hi,is me,as u known,seow yee’s ex class rep,ho ho..
    hmm..i thk i can understand ur feeling as i am in final semester one thg u more good thn me is that u can finish ur exams before chinese new good!!
    since left few month for me as a focus on fully utilized the student card to get cheaper movie ticket and student price when go sing k..haha..pai seh pai seh..
    wish u best of luck in ur coming exam and gambateh..than aft that hav a great n good mood to wait for ‘fly’ to oversea to study..ho ho..

  4. Eve says:

    Spyd3r: study hard i shall try!! Hehehe Thanks!

    S.Yee: synopsis ar? hehe Chillis triple play that day baru eat, still wan to eat??

    darron: Yea, i remember u surely lar..i dont have to use my student card!! *sobs* Thank you for your wishes, i hope i can grad also..hehe

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