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After been stuck at home for almost a week because I’m sick, I decided I had enough and snuck out for a  breather with my buddy at Tofu Cafe. I’m really not a homey person, I think I almost went mad, being caged up like this. What’s with all the things happening last week which I had to missed, killing me inside.. Anyway…….

It’s my second visit to this place and I really love it! Although the menu selection are limited but they suits my taste. It’s rare to find “breakfast” food that are decent and at such price in Penang. The cafe is small but cosy with a warm ambiance to it.

Our lunch spread 🙂  The green tea matcha or something taste nice albeit looking greenish and my Kafe Kon Leche (Spanish milk coffee) which basically is just latte. The soup of the day we had was Mushroom soup, which is just alright. Not bad nor awesome.

Bacon & Scrambled Egg Toast (All day breakfast). Crispy Crispy bacon, yummers!

Salmon & Cream Cheese Capers. Despite the looks of it, its quite filling and delicious. Everything I love in a plate, salmon, cheese and bread haha!

My sick face.. I’m covering up my swollen, bee-stung lips.. -__-

I really like the canvas with the vespa. Don’t know why.. just like it. But if I buy it, it will lose the novelty when hanging solitary in my room.

Here’s the link to their facebook page for more information if you are interested to give this place a try 🙂

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