Tokyo – Asakusa among others

My Tokyo trip post is looong overdue so I’ m trying to wrap it up in 1 post or maybe 2 now after I browse through my photo albums. So much to share as I was there for almost a month in total of 2 trips.

First up, some ramen at Ikebukuro with the girls right after they pick me up from my Ryokan. Had it in one of those vending-machine kiosk shop just like local! A bowl cost bout  ¥1,100 = RM40. Although its just a random shop, it’s so delicious!! Beat any of the ramen we have around here. Maybe Yamagoya can beat them in terms of soup base.

When to Shibuya to hang out with the famous Hachiko. This is the 2nd famous dog statue I’ve met now. The first one is Bobby in Edinburgh 🙂

Okay Asakusa! It’s where I had my first okonomiyaki and fell in love with the dish! It’s like this part of Tokyo was retain in the past. Once out of the JR station, you see trishaws and people dressed in traditional attire.

The famous Sensō-ji Temple. I think most or not all tourist to Tokyo will visit this temple or the Meiji Shrine. Either that, you will definitely  recognize the huge big lantern.

2 ADORABLE AND SUPER OBEDIENT furkids I met there. I’ve never seen an albino German Shepard and a white Akita..Woo! Jackpot. And they are huge huge dogs..

My Japanese friends kindly treated me for a rickshaw(jinriki-sha) ride within Asakusa area. It’s was a fun 20min ride around the area and the runner will briefly explain on the history or point out interesting things to us.

Fumi-san and I were lucky to get this good looking runner! Lolx!! He was the only one who can speaks some basic English so he was assigned to us ^^  They run pretty fast and we were all going “Sugoiiii ! ! ! ” again haha!!  Always trust the japanese to be ever thoughful. Before the ride, they really tuck us in well with the blanket incase we get cold from the cold winds.

Fumi-san <3 sweet sweet girl !! Miss them japs so much now.

One last photo with my handsome rickshaw runner\(^o^)/ He’s only a runner during the weekend. He told us during the day he teaches sports in elementary school..! No wonder so fit and tan.. ^_^

This is the real deal for Japanese Mochi dessert yo! Delicious and the green stuff is like green tea espresso to balance off the sweetness from the dessert.

The best cake I’ve ever taste in my life. Something as simple as strawberry shortcake but so so fluffy and delicious!! This is from Dean & Deluca, a New York chain cafe and ever since, i’ve became a fan of it. My French colleague who loveeess coffee even commented that they have one of the best coffee she ever had ! Obviously, we were returned customers during our short stint there 🙂

Experiencing the Izakaya or  “japanese pub” as how my colleagues puts it hahaha!!  Went to a couple of them and I love it. It’s rowdy, it’s chilled, it’s relaxing, they serve good food and all sorts of alcoholic drinks like beer or sochu. This is a picture of me after work with my kind colleague who accompanied me most of the time 🙂  It’s here where I had so many glasses of the umeshu or sour plum cocktail.

Finally a photo of Tokyo Tower when sakura are still in full bloom. and yes, it looks exactly like Eiffel Tower. My French colleague wast too delighted to know it’s taller than the Eiffel Tower just by abit. LOL!!!

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