Tokyo – Final post

Final post on Tokyo! Finally I did it! Woohoo!!

#1. How can one goes to Japan and leave without some purikura action? It’s a crime especially for girls! Look at how our complexion magically become super smooth and our eyes grown to anime proportion?

#2  I present to you, raw horse meat. Fear Factor level, and #challengeaccepted. I think this is like revenge for them as I asked them to try durians when they were in KL. an eye for an eye on the grosses stuff from your country i guess. :p

#3 Hanami at Yoyogi Park during the Sakura season back in April. SO PRETTTYYYYYYY!! The park was so so packed!! People really party in the park, just like how I would have envision it from reading Doreamon and ShinChan for years!!

#4 the same friend brought me to the fish market also brought me to this awesome area called Daikanyama. The closest place in Malaysia that is similar to it would be Bangsar, but no where near to be honest -_-  Its a little hilly, peppered with boutiques of quirky stuff and cafes in a really chilled kinda atmosphere.  There’s this really cool area called Daikanyama T-site where puppies, doggies and human loiter around. They have a huge bookstore + starbucks there which is nothing like i’ve seen so far. Very cool. This blog has got a good write up on the place.  This camera shop with allll the polaroid (>▽<)

#5 Finally, the highlight !! Patisserie Qu’il Fait Bon which according to my friend has one of the best fruit tarts in Tokyo. Just look at how beautiful and delicious the tart looks. 5,670 Yen for the entire pie, 598 Yen (RM22) per slice. Not cheap at all but heavenly good!

We had to wait for more than 45minutes for a table and we decided to pack the tarts away to enjoy it at T-site instead. Even the queue to have our takeaway ready took more than 25mins. Can you imagine how popular the place is ?

This is the ultimate WHITE STRAWBERRY TART!!! Usually I dislike tarts because the crust tends to be quite hard. Yet, it doesn’t disappoint, crumbling softly with each bite and the white strawberries were bursting with sweetness and fresh cream!! OIISHIII!

However, this is super expensive! 1,575 Yen( RM58)  for one slice =__=||  so damn worth it though…HAHAHAHA

2-18-2 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel : 03-5457-2191
Store : 11:00~20:00

 Ending note: Aishiteru Japan !!!      

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