Tooth Fairy

I’ve always been plagued with dental problem since ages ago.

Earlier this week, i had a very bad case of toothache and was dying to see a dentist but alas! From the 4 clinic I called in PJ area, only 1 has an available slot on Sunday. I called on Wednesday morning fml.. -__-

So what to do? I had to wake up at 11am on a Sunday morning to see the dentist. How blissful my weekend is 😀 😀

Anyway, the clinic i went is at SS2, same row with all the Jewelery Shop, poh kong and all. Name TK YAP and it’s good! Price is cheap too. Trust me, I’ve been visiting much dentist and I know..

The previous one that I went in Penang has one of the rudest receptionist EVER. Never met anyone ruder than her in my life, and I was practically going into a fight with her. That would be the stupid indian lady at Phua Clinic Terengganu Road. I made an appointment and when I got there, I had to wait for more than 1 hour. When I ask her why, she kept saying ” you can wait, wait la!!” then stare at me… wtf..

It’s the very same clinic I went to had my filing done and crowning done. Which both also fell off, and I had to return to that clinic and had them fix it. PAYING FOR IT AGAIN!! ..I don’t understand why I kept returning to that clinic shhhessh!!

The doc there did asked me to remove my wisdom teeth, quoting me the cost more than RM500 per tooth as all need surgery. Since at that time, the tooth is not giving me any problem, of course I refused. Why would I agree to have them cut open my gums when I’m perfectly fine?

Today, Dr.Yap said my teeth are fine except that the back wisdom tooth are giving me problem as it’s growing the wrong way and the sharp edges are poking my cheeks, hence chipmunks look-alike :S And i got it remove today that very instance, without surgery and only cost me less than RM100.

I feel so cheated by the doctors in Penang. Even though not needing surgery to be better, they will recommend because it’s more costly service. *frowns upon them!!* That is just so unprofessional! and cut throat!

Yes, I got it removed and no pain!! Only numbness for the entire day and abit of hunger because I dont want any food to infect the “wound”.. I should have taken a photo of the blardy tooth.. ITS HUGE! I never knew the entire tooth is so big.. It would have gross you guys out.. hahahhah

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5 Responses to Tooth Fairy

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    i went to the dentist 2x within 2 months when i was in malaysia. did 2 crownings on 2 teeth + cuci.

    didnt cost me more than rm150.


    Eve: Where you went, so cheap wan!!!

  2. angchoonseong says:

    nvm…soon we all will have free dental treatment…

    Eve: i hope

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  4. Tyler Young says:

    most dental problems are caused by bad habits like eating too much sugary foods”`:

  5. toshiba tv says:

    Great post. Cheers.

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