No, this is not about Transformers, Megan Fox or Optimus.

It’s also not about the death of Michael Jackson that is about everyone’s topic… Although I am really sad and still not over his death. Black & White will always be one of my favorites from him. There is so much media negativity surrounding him before and now all the truth are suddenly popping up like mushroom after the rain.

Strongest of mind is pale against the ink. Whatever is in the print, will remain strong even after years compared to our faint memories. Get the facts right, this time.. 🙁

Okay, frustration aside…

Few month ago, I remember blogging about fitting into a jeans that has been abandon for nearly 4 years, well because I’ve grown, urm, vertically very much

On that matter, I believe it would have been a great moral boost to anyone, regardless male or female.

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating on whether to blog about this issue of me for awhile, mostly contributing to laziness.

A picture speaks a thousand words and in this case, it makes the point.

This is me, 2 years back, December 2007 taken in Birmingham. Already can see my face is so damn round.


Early January, in Venice. I am officially super fat at that time. All photos that I took, first thing to notice is my bulbous cheek. That was when Kokokrunch said my face can be use to draw a perfect circle..


somehow like Doreamon. Okay, compared with current photos.


Different much??

Early 2008, Dubai VS May 2009 Penang..


Feb ’08 vs Nov ’09



February was when I’m at the fattest/heaviest/swollen in my entire life.  The photo above was taken like 2-3 days once I’m back so thanks to the water retention I look like I’ll burst anytime soon. Painfully fat ! o_o  T_T

I gain 9KG from my short stint in Europe. 9 kilograms. For my frame, 170cm, I was hugeeee… in Asia that is. I was slim in uk 🙂 T_T

And then, i went to gym a little bit for 3 months before I started to work. Since then I haven’t really went to the gym anyway. My gym routine was usually 2-3 times a week, 20mins on jogging and a dance class. That’s all. Eventually I got lazy and stop going to gym..

I think the water retention eventually went away. July ’08 Bangkok. Still chubby. At that point, I’ve already lost 4kg from the 9 I gained.


It was the Krabi trip that motivates me to lose weight all the excess weight. Me and Mr.SmallFace was like racing against each other to look good presentable in beach wear! Hence I did what everyone already know.At that time, it was November, so i had like 2 months.

There is no extreme diet, no exercise (for me), no personal trainer, no slimming center…no secret.

And since everyone I’ve seen for the past few month, even those I’ve haven’t seen but heard “rumours” asked how i lose all the weight…

Honestly, I am not sure how it happen. Really! But these are the changes I noticed I did..

  1. Cut down on fast foods. I think I only have McD like once a month now..?
  2. Cut down on sweet stuff. Soft drinks especially. I suddenly developed a low tolerance on sugary stuff. So that really helps alot!
  3. Alcohol and supper are noticeably absence from my life since December. Of course there are the occasional nights.
  4. I still don’t go to gym or go running the neighborhood but I took up belly dancing classes with my bestie. But that’s like an hour a week.
  5. A tip: Don’t choose where to eat. Because if we don’t choose it, probably we might not fancy it alot, hence, we will eat less! hahahahahah
  6. Once your appetite is reduce, eventually you wont eat as much and continue to expand the stomach and eat more!
  7. You know the time between 3pm-430pm in the office when you will be looking for food?? Don’t. Drink plain water instead. Its good for you.
  8. Drink lots of plain water in beginning. I put a full bottle in front of me and make sure I finished them by 5pm. That surely helps to fill up the unnecessary cravings.
  9. You are what you eat. Think before you put it into your mouth. Just be happy..
  10. Get someone to go dine with you at all time preferably a male or big eater so you can dump at least 1/4 of your food to them. Not wasting food is good. In my case, MrSmallFace waistline is kinda increasing..hehehe

The above is my personal observation and might be wrong/unhealthy in some eyes. I am still a gluttony at the end of the day. But I tend to eat less.Well, it works for me.

By end of February, I weight 15kg less than what I am a year ago. From uk Size 12 near 14, now I wear size 8. The photo is taken in Krabi Feb ’09.


I now weight lightest in 6-8 years!It all happens in a span of 2 months without me realizing. !!


It feels great and I intend to maintain my weight as long as I can.

Let this post serve as a reminder to me. From my darkest vanity moment to my glory now. Allow me to soak myself in it after the hardwork… 😎


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12 Responses to Transformation..

  1. ting says:

    good inspiration for me to lose weight as well

  2. wanster says:

    i must say…. OMGGGG!!! is that you?!?!?!! good job! 🙂 i am gonna get myself in shape also… *clenches fist*

    btw i still haven’t worn the Mr Strong t shirt u got me… i vow to wear that only when i build up!! that would be my inspiration!

  3. wendy says:

    good for you! i wanna lose weight as well..i gain 10kg wei!
    and i cant cut down on food as u know, im a big eater!
    so i guess my only alternative left is exercise..*sigh*

  4. Mel says:

    Awesome-ness u look great 🙂 but I do like your chubby face u look cute also wat hehe… Anyway maybe I should start following what u do… I’m look like a piggy now since I came KL 😛 Thanks for the info ya~ Tc

  5. Eve says:

    ting: i hope the post serve u well..
    wanster: by this year hopefully? hehehe
    wendy: kenny’s laughing at you!
    Mel: thanks!

  6. teongz says:

    Hana hana, lansi nia.
    LOL, pls no more thinner. U look just nice like this.

  7. Mr Huhu says:

    what? no megan fox? how disappointing

    ps: where r the in-loose-jeans kinda?

  8. bc says:

    wow. huge difference!

  9. helen says:

    walao.. u look abit anorexic dy.. arghhh i think its a uk thing to gain weight coz i gained loadsssssss as well although i don eat fast food or take alcohol etc..!!!

    Eve: I’m really not that thin la.. -.-

  10. pp says:

    waa..u slim slim liao.. bestoo..Its the weather… keep making ppl hungry.. n the ppl around al gemuk, so no peer pressure..haha

    Eve: I agree, not much pressure to be thin in UK..hahahha Somemore sad for you, always got bad aura (buaya) to ask u makan all the time…

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