Ubud Day 2

Such a long absent! So busy till my health took a toll on me 🙁 Being out for 3 days last weekend and slept more than 20+ hours .. such bliss in a way

some of the pics we took on our bali day 2 which was spend sight seeing.

Random local kids 🙂

I would say Pura Taman Ayun can skip if you lack of time. Entrance fee required.

After about an hour drive or so, we reach Bedugul area further up north of the Bali Island. Lake Bratan was very nice! Should visit and the weather so cooling like Cameron highlands.

Had a lunch at a non-tourist place – Ayam Bakar Taliwang. As we wanted to try something new, we got our Super nice guide to bring us to a place HE would go himself. Superbly recommended. One of the cheapest and satisfied meal we had in Bali. The restaurant is just opposite the carpark of Lake Bratan. Walking distance.

We headed towards Tanah Lot after that. No sunset for us again :(( It was a cloudy day. They have a market there and the price are cheap.

Tips: Get your souvenirs or Bali Bintang t-shirt here.Me and Gisele got a tube dress for RM7 each! The bintang shirt are like RM3 each here too. Kuta shops are pirates!

It was a very nice stroll around the market before heading towards the super crowded Tanah Lot temple or the floating temple.  The temple is behind us and the scenery from here was amazing. Locals was surfing as well!  Thanks to our superb guide for bringing us. Too bad it was a very cloudy day and all photos doesnt turn out really well 🙁

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be there again someday..

Infront of the temple already. If you notice, there’s people braving the waves to get over to the temple and had the holy mens blessings. At that time, the tide wasn’t really that high. Probably a little above ankle.

By the time we decided to go over, the water level rises way above our knee and it was a very scary experience actually. See the sexy legs behind me 🙂

I was being the scaredy cat and rushed to go over to the safe side as soon as possible. Not wanting to risk getting soaking wet. The tide was really scary and all of us were soaking wet by the time we wade back. Hence buying pants/dress on the spot -_-

It was almost waist high and the wave was so strong, I had to hold on to the temple helpers in order not to be swept away by the waves!

Leaving you with a photo of the temple and the temple helpers who had to swim back.

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