Val D’Or

Anyone with any idea where is this place in penang? I’m here almost all my life but i’ve seen or heard before of this place….

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  1. Ask For Fun says:

    somewhere near Nibong Tebal.. old road to Kulim instead using the BKE .

  2. Shimmers says:

    yea it’s on the mainland

  3. Eve says:

    wow..sounds so cool la the name. Residences there must be proud of their taman name~!! ehehe

  4. Jason says:

    wow, cool eh. I don’t get those trackers sometimes. Sometimes ar they can label a visitor as from the USA when in fact he/she is from Singapore. Is it their service provider?

  5. Eve says:

    how do you know those visitors are from Singapore and not USA? I have a few fr us but i think it’s will-i-am when he drops by. Singapore i have too…

  6. 5xmom says:

    I got a bf in Form Four from there! Yeah, some ulu place near Nibong Tebal there.

  7. Eve says:

    a bf in F4 back in ur times. Woot woot!!

    Even a bf in F4 for me is a nono fr my parents.

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