verbal diarhea of rpk and josef fritzl

I was asked to blog…and i shall

But what should i blog about? The hot political issues that is going on right now in Malaysia. Well, i don’t think so because there’s too many out there that blogs about it much better than me such as the doctor to be ACS. Side note on that, i really do respect RPK decision on denying the bail in the first place, well of course we can guess WHY does he choose to do so. He is one of the kind. The kind that will change a country.

Maybe i should blog about all the backlogs travel post I’ve been meaning to blog about. I must blog about, it’s part of my life which i misses so much. In about a month time, it will be again the day i left to UK and now here i am, sitting in my room, in this everlasting summer continent.

Or I shall blog about the life of an unemployed. STILL an unemployed. There’s nothing much happening really, that’s why the lack of post. Whoever says that bloggers do not have a life, is an ignorant person. Without a well rounded social life, what have you left with to blog about? Well, that’s for me and i believe a huge percentage of the bloggers nowadays.

I intended to have a short post but i guess i am a very long winded kinda person, there seems to be endless things for me to rant on and on. Maybe i should change the way i wear my hair, a new colour to it perhaps? or should i change the colour of my nails, another session of pedicure, coming right up~

One thing i must highlight here is the horror that’s happened in such an lovely and quiet country of Austria. Imagine! It’s the place where Sound of Music is based on. That’s like one of my movies of all time. Yet, such monstrous act still happen up to now. Our time of civilization and european people are suppose to be ahead of us in this aspect.

If you are still living under the rock, let me enlighten you. Last week, a family was found hidden in a dungeon underground for 24years, held captive by their father/grandfather. Yes, this Josef Fritzl held his daughter captive for 24years in a dungeon and made her his sex slave. Worse case scenario, she gave birth to 7 children fathered by her own fathered and 1 died shortly after birth.
This kind of asshole should just be sentenced to slow torturous death without trial. What is there to debate or fight for anymore?? The children has never seen daylight before in their entire life and communicates with growl and weird noises because they are reluctant to speak. The youngest children, at 5 years prefer to crawl around instead of walking and when they first saw the moon, they squeal with excitement.


He is just a raper, a murderer, a killer, whatever, worse than an animal because animals are loveable. What more when he tell his wife their daughter ran away to join a cult and left few children on their doorsteps. I shall say the wife is quite stupid also..If you are interested on reading, i believe you can use a website called google to look into it more.

I am now feeling emo and sad….

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2 Responses to verbal diarhea of rpk and josef fritzl

  1. h3l3n says:

    ya i hear about it.. its so SICKKKKKKK

  2. angchoonseong says:

    eei…u know before that, another case also, a girl escaped from a secret room underground a house, and reported to police, after held captive for 4 years.

    Same country – austria. No wonder anorld go california la..

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