Vientiane, Laos

Had the opportunity to see Vientiane in less than 12 hour last month when I attended my cousin’s wedding at Nong Khai, which is a border town to Laos.

The host kindly organized a tour for almost 30 friends and relatives to cross the border over the Friendship Bridge. It was interesting to see how similar yet there are subtle differences in these Southeastern Asia countries. Also, how they adapt to it like pouring water into various glasses. The driver of the shuttle bus drove so smoothly that most of us don’t realize that the Thai drives on the left while Laos drives on the right.

First stop, the Presidential Palace.

apple4today Laos

On the opposite end of the long road, Lane Xang Avenue, is a structure that reminds me of Arc de Triomphe. It is in fact called Patuxai or Gate of Triumph, built in similar in style to the Arc de Triomphe! Same same but different ya.

apple4today Laos

View from the top. That’s the palace again at the end of the avenue.

apple4today Laos

With CousinTing. We only had 20 minutes to explore the monument.

apple4today Laos

It was indeed a scorching HOT day. Turns out its was around 39c. No wonder we were all baked. But then again, it is during these kind of day where the photos turn out so good.

This is Pha That Luang. This again, looks very similar to the golden pagoda of Myanmar but I believe in a smaller scale. Perhaps I will be able to compare it myself one day. However, this pagoda to me is an impressive structure.

apple4today Laos

Great minds think alike! We were all dressed so alike on that day. Cool kids gang yo.

apple4today Laos
apple4today Laos

Vientiane in a nutshell. Very obvious strong influence from the French as most of the official buildings secondary language are all written in French. Banh Mi which are baguette are their street food, just like Vietnam. Being there for such a short time feels like a preview of what’s its like. The main street are filled with small hipsters cafe. French cafes.  I saw a few groups of bicycle tours. There’s plenty of Koreans. Everywhere. So yea, it seems like a great destination for a short getaway from the hectic life I’m living right now. I’m sure there are more to what I’ve described, so it’s just a matter of time and effort before I know for sure 🙂

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