Walking Down Memory Lane

Memories from not too long ago but ones i missed darn much…

Fighting our ways just to get a few to-die-for chicken wings from other vicious patrons.

Enjoying our wins..hehehe…my deadly sin – GLUTTONY!!

Sharing a laugh over something as simple as a friend’s company

Taking photos just because my bowling shoe looks the shabbiest -__-

3G camwhoring- The new way of life

Making a fool of ourselves in empty carparks because we can…

and not caring bout the stares we get from people walking pass when we hallucinates that we are supermodels in the making

That’s what i missed the most……..my friends….. 🙂

ps: too bad ms piggyseow din join us that night, else, she will definately be included in this post..i guessed i just include her…hehe 😛

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2 Responses to Walking Down Memory Lane

  1. ck says:

    Wah! Ah Huat and Keong can be Supermodel leh!

    Next Stop: UK?

  2. piggy yee says:

    hey!how can i be excluded???
    u guys so bad…go on ur own.hahaha… ;P
    wah…mr.wee is 1 of ur loyal fan oso.sir,next stop UK!kia!

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